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It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started taking the supplements my doctor prescribed. I feel great! Some anxiety at night, however its very mild and maybe only once a week. For anyone that wants to know I’m taking metabolic maintenance for anxiety control ( you can find it online) and I’m taking a very good multi vitamin called O.N.E by pure encapsulations.

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  • Great to hear! Is the an MD that suggested the supplements?

  • Yes, she suggested supplements because I’ve had bad experiences on stronger meds.

  • Great! I love a holistic MD! If you feel comfortable, what type of “stronger” meds did you try?

  • Prozac! That was enough to scare me away from meds!

  • Same here

  • What scared you? What were your reactions?

    When I have started Paxil, my anxiety skyrocketed! 2,000 X’s worse! But I stuck with it because they said it is bad and then gets better.....

  • It just made my anxiety a lot worse

    Panic attacks and suicidal thoughts

  • My doc is a holistic doc and she is awesome! :)

  • Wow thanks for the info! I have tried natural supplements but I don’t find they work for very long! Going to doc to get a diagnosis for anxiety and go front there. I haven’t tried prescriptions but I want to.

  • Hi. I found the Metabolic Maintenance for Anxiety but can you please tell me which O.N.E. Pure Encapulations Daily Vitamin you are taking? There are about 10 different variations of the Daily Vitamin. Can you please be specific and let me know exactly the one you are taking? I would truly appreciate it. Thank you so much. I’m happy you’re feeling better. I hate taking prescription anti-anxiety medications. They don’t even work on me anymore. Thanks again!

    Joey : )

  • For the record!!!! I think a LOT of anxiety/depression is related to vitamin/mineral deficiencies, poor diets, etc. I believe they are getting closer to finding REAL solutions!!

  • I agree. I remember my biology professor telling me that anxiety and depression stems from what you eat.

  • Good grief I’m so pleased I’ve read your article, I’ve been on medication on & off for years. I have an excellent diet fresh veg etc do you know if you can take to much of these natural remedies? I really hope you continue to feel the benefit. What a difference it would make to my life if they work for me to. I will follow you with interest.

  • Hi! Where did you find the one pure are you taking and where did you find it? Thank you.

  • Camformulas. Com

  • Both the multivitamin and the supplement

  • That sounds great! I am on effexor..225mg...was on 150 and wasnt working anymore. Got bumped up to 225 and, zanix which I have to have cuz my stress levels are unbearable. Do you know if I could take what you are taking while on my meds safely? Btw, originally they gave me prozak which made me feel phsyco and immediately switcheb me off...for some people it actually works in reverse...which sounds like most of us!

  • I don’t see why not considering they’re only supplements, however I would bring it up to your physician.

  • Thank you for your post of hope!!!

  • Heard that Zoloft works great for depression/anxiety. Before seeing a doctor I was using Saint Johns Wort which was awesome and there were no side effects. It was the best “natural” supplement I have ever tried. However, it didn’t cure insomnia for me so I decided to see a doc to treat that and anxiety and I had to stop taking all my supplements and try the meds instead.

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