Experienced with Buspar?

I've taken my 1st dosage of 7.5mg of Buspar this morning and am prescribed another 7.5mg in the evening. I've read results of clinical studies but would like to hear from actual users or those who have been prescribed in the past. If you have experience with this drug, I'd like to hear how this works/worked for you. Have you experienced any side effects? I appreciate your sharing . . . peace out.

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  • At one time was rx it as my doctor rotated through various meds over my "patient career", but haven't had it in recent years.

  • Thank you for your reply . . . wishing you well.

  • Sorry I can't offer more, but this MD has followed me for 15 years, and he prefers to rotate some meds and would not have rx it for me for awhile if I had bad results or problems. I am fortunate to have a skilled neuropsychiatrist who could easily retire as of last year practices only 24 hours only a week now as he enjoys his work. Takes a few weeks off here and there too to fish or travel to Vegas, so he's no saint just a decent man who knows what chemistry works with my body.

    Wish you well too.

  • That's alright, I appreciate that you replied even more so. Just a few words in reply helps others feel that they are not alone. Thank you again . . .

  • No worries. Glad you are asking questions.

  • Everyone has different chemistry, and therefore drugs work differently for different people. I was prescribed Buspar after having taken Xanax and Klonopin for 6 years. It did not help at all. I had read somewhere that if you take Xanax and similar drugs for an extended length of time, Buspar will not be effective for you. I'm taking Gabapentin now, and it helps some, but I have Klonopin for those days when my anxiety reaches a critical level. I hope you have good results with Buspar as it is one of the drugs that helps anxiety symptoms without being habit-forming.

  • I had also been on Klonopin for several years and completely weaned in Oct. 2016. Sadly, I didn't take to yesterday's 1st dose of Buspar well. I became physically ill and experienced excessive fear and high anxiety the whole day. Unfortunately, it was exacerbated by the fact that I'm alone during the day. Try as I might, I remained totally incapacitated in Twilight Zone. I won't continue with scheduled dosages. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist next week to reassess. Thanks for sharing and your kind well wishes . . . peace.

  • Hi I just started about a month ago. First I wa on 5mg twice a day but wasn't sleeping well and still felt a little anxious so doc upped to 10mg at night. Still not really sleeping well but will keep taking for a bit longer to see if it kicks in

    Hang in there I have my good days and bad and I just keep writing in my journal and reminding myself that my racing thoughts are only thoughts and can't hurt me and it's just me that brings them on. What is there to fear if it's not real

  • I'm glad you haven't had a problem with this med and you're continuing on with your treatment. I hope Buspar works out well for you and you're able to sleep well. Thanks for sharing and for the words of encouragement, I'll keep it in mind . . . peace.

  • Tried it for almost a week and I hated it. Made me moody and manic and then with a depressive crash. It also made me more constipated, which my psychiatrist found very odd (stomach and intestinal issues have occurred throughout this whole mental ordeal for me which started when my cat died a year and a half ago--apparently I have an attachment disorder due severe emotional abuse by my mom which resurfaces when I lose secure attachments such as pets). At any event, I take a sleep aid called selinor and I also take aterax for anxiety each night. By far the biggest helps besides these drugs has been exercise, meditation, and continuing to work on my history masters degree.

  • Too bad it didn't work for you, but happy you have others that are helping. It also affected me badly after only one dose with symptoms different from yours. I'm sorry for the loss of your cat. My pets (2 dogs, 4 cats, a rabbit and a lovebird) played important roles in saving me from certain hell. They have all passed on to the "Rainbow Bridge" although 1 old tabby (17 yrs. old) still remains with me. Although I know he will leave me and have prepared myself mentally and emotionally, I 'll also have a difficult time letting him go.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and I wish you continued wellness and success with your education and beyond . . . peace.

  • No problem! I know that anxiety can be scary and frustrating so I'll try to help in any way that I can :)

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