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Anxiety sucks!

I’ve been suffering from anxiety for about two years now. I’m almost 31. Didn’t start having bothersome symptoms until i had my daughter. The way anxiety affects me , makes me feel as though I’m having a heart attack. It comes on at the most random times and i feel as though I have no true reason to be feeling this way! I prefer to avoid medications and to use breathing excercises to slow my heart rate...but damn it scares me. And then causes me to have more freakin anxiety! Ugh! This random anxiety causes me to think I’m dying. And I definitely do not like it, not one bit. So I’m not really sure where to go from here, but feels nice to just write it down I suppose.

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Hi Island_aura, being responsible for a child/children can certainly cause anxiety symptoms to heightened. Avoiding medications is okay as long as you are using other methods to lower your anxiety levels. Deep breathing is definitely my "go to" from the moment I wake up until I go to bed at night. I use it while typing on the forum, watching tv, driving and shopping. It's always there with you and no one needs to know that is your crutch to get through a stressful time.

What I'd like to suggest are a couple things. First being, using meditation/Imagery or Relaxation techniques mid day along with the deep breathing. It will allow you a calming respite in return for 10 minutes of your time. That will become your "me time" in order to calm and refresh your mind and body. Also using YouTube for support. Their videos on Meditation/DeepBreathing allow for you to take in the calming voice of the therapist as well as the soothing sounds of the scenery.

I hope these help some. I use them everyday. Good Luck in reducing your anxiety xx


Thank you so much! Meditation is definitely a must for me. Along with calming essential oils! I appreciate your advice and well wishes :)

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It sounds like you're having panic attacks, which is a specific type of anxiety. I'm so sorry this is happening. There is help available if it becomes too much. This is a great group where you can be yourself and share without judgment. So glad you posted!


Thank you! I just don’t understand what on earth I’m panicking about when I randomly wake up in the middle of the night! But I appreciate all the support :) nice to see people with the same issues...


I went through exactly the same thing when my kids were born. Something about them began my anxiety and panic attacks and was fearful of not being there for them. Really weird how this happened. I have been on meds for approximately 12 years now and have been to therapy. I manage my issues through lots of exercise and keeping busy always. I don't stop much when I'm home and it's key in keeping me sane. Go see a therapist and hear what they have to say. I was hesitant at first and am grateful that I did!


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