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I can’t do this anymore

I honestly feel like I can’t do this anymore. I’m 16 and I don’t see the point of living anymore. I have anxiety and it has never been worse also in the past year I have developed severe depression. Iv been to councillors and nothing is working.

I broke up with my long term boyfriend a few months ago and I still love him , he doesn’t feel the same way . We’ve kept in contact and have been talking as what I would could friends , but I feel this is stopping me from moving on. I slept with someone last night and told my ex because he is the only person I trust . We then had and argument and he said he will go with me to get the morning after pill tomorrow but after that he will not talk to me at all. Iv been crying all day about this and I can’t do it anymore . I have no real friend and I don’t really speak to my family or twin sister. In short , I don’t see a reason to life.

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You can do this crazy thing called life. It’s not easy at all, but you can make it through. You are going through the hardest years right now, the teenage ones and your hormones are crazy, life is crazy, boys, school, trying to have good friends. It’s a lot to handle and you are doing the best you can right now, by getting on this app and telling your story and reaching out. Have you seen a doctor? Maybe you need to talk to a doc about this and get in some counseling, as scary as it is this saved me. Keep fighting


Iv seen doctors and multiple group sessions and I don’t feel any better. I have no close friends to talk to either and my ex was the person I would I talk to . The thought of not having him to talk to scares me . I have also started having feelings for another boy but neither of us want a relationship .


I can relate to the pain your feeling when I was a teenager I self medicated with alcohol I self mutilated but today at 31 I can clearly see how everything I went through made me the amazing person I am today

When I went through my dark days I came up with a saying "no matter how dark it gets morning always comes"

Just keep pushing day by day talk to someone

I don't know if your taking medication but it's a crutch to help you get through the tough times

One of the things I can see clearly is that through my challenges I went through I can help other people I'm here for you I'm here to listen

Please stay strong keep your chin up keep fighting

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Fishmonster...great words!!

Poppy, there is help. Online support, local support.

What we need most is what we FEEL like the least.

Exercise, talking with others, getting out of our own head.

Hang in there. One day at a time or even one moment at a time 😊😊


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