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I know a lot of people find pets to be great for mental illness and I do too...to a certain extent.

But I've also noticed they cause me a lot of anxiety too. I had to have my chihuahua put down a year ago yesterday. It was devastating for me and a year later I feel like it's a loss I'm still grieving. But there was some relief in that I no longer had to worry about her. She was old and I worried about her a lot.

Well I didn't intend to have another dog any time soon but a dog in my life had other plans. I still live with my parents and when my sister left her ex a few years ago her dogs came to live with us. Then she met a new guy and they got a house with a yard and decided to take them back. Well one of them adjusted fine but the female pit mix didn't. After a couple of months my sister decided to give her back to us. So she's been with us ever since(about 3.5 years now). She was just kind of all of our dog until my chihuahua died and after my chihuahua died, she decided she was going to be my dog one way or the other lol.

I adore her and our other dogs but any little bump or limp or sore they get causes me such severe anxiety. I think right now it's even worse with the anniversary of my dogs death. Our basset hound suddenly has a hip that's a little swelled. He doesn't seem to be in any pain. Only limping just a tiny tiny bit. Eat, drinking, and running around fine. But since we noticed it earlier it's been constant anxiety attacks.

It honestly makes me think when the dogs we have now die, that I don't want any more. I know I will change my mind because i always do lol. But it's sooo hard on me to think of them being sick or in pain or dying or getting out and getting lost(or hit by a car or picked up by the pound or someone else or someone hurting them...you get the picture).

Anybody else struggle with anxiety about their pets?

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Yes, I believe it was yesterday there was a post and stream of replies that fit you perfectly.?I I replied in it, but don't remember the poster's name.....maybe DogMom?

Try looking up the posts and replies under Dogmom....really think that was the poster's name.


hmm can't seem to find it. Thank you though!


Of course I worry about them, I love my pets dearly. I cuddle/ sleep with my male pit bull when I have anxiety/ panic attacks. He calms me right down. He's getting old but if I spend my time worrying about him I won't be able to enjoy every minute I have left with him.


That's what I try to remind myself of. It doesn't always work but I try lol.


I am still grieving over the loss of my cat over a year and a half later, but thanks to EMDR I have improved greatly. Unfortunately my other cat is now dying so I am stressed out about that now. I suspect that this death won't effect me so badly as I'm prepared for how I'll feel and what to expect. Seriously though, I had a complete nervous breakdown which I believe stemmed from my first cat's death. It was horrible and I didn't understand what was happening to me.


Having pets is a blessing, losing them will increase anxiety... But you must find comfort that you know the gift of feeling of unconditional love even though the pet has passed, yes you will grieve, but find something among the living that keeps you level headed,,,,,,,,, I know it's easier said than done,,,,,,,,,but maybe you can look through photos of your pet... let that good feeling that pet gave you inspire you to feel reasonably okay...


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