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Panic attacks

My panic attacks started 8/21 on the way to work, I was driving and felt my heart pounding, felt dizzy, and I was breathing fast. I didn't want to pull over for fear of dying by the side of the road so I drove fast to the ER. I was given 2 doses of metoprolol IV, and 1 dose of diazepam IV. Later that week had 2 panic attacks a day. Now 2 a week. I have missed 6 days of work the past month and I am very fearful that I cannot function at work

Because I'm exhausted or fearful of another panic attack.

I've been trying to get physical ailments ruled out so I went you my primary care physician, a cardiologist, and GI MD.

I listen to u tube videos on panic attacks, panic Apps, and podcasts. I went to a yoga class, trying to relax.

I know my trigger is fear of death. My mom, my godmother,

Family friends, my cat of 18 years all died in the past few months.

I am so fearful because I live alone and work alone.

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Xanex and good psychotherapy is what you need. Try not to despair. You have had multiple traumas, ergo, your reaction seems normal considering your loss, At least to me.

We can move through our grief. Allow yourself to truly grieve first. Xoxo


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