The Blackness Descends

As it gets darker earlier my blackness hits earlier each evening, though evenings have tended to be better for me :-/

Today hasn't been too bad, had my flu jab, but not sure how much longer I can fight this.

Carers tomorrow, couldn't let her find me.

Hoarding project person Thursday, with meeting in the evening, hope I don't break down again this time.

Need some hope I can pull through this after 6 months or so of struggling.

2 Replies

  • I need some hope as well. It's been over 6 months for me. I really thought I'd have this kicked by now.

  • If it's crept up on us over time it seems it can take us as long to come back out.

    I know it's easy to look back, however, had I realised the symptoms earlier perhaps I could have stopped it.

    Let's try and hang in here together.

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