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How do you get to work with major anxiety?


I already posted about how my anxiety is crippling in the morning. Thanks for the feedback. However, I wonder how many of you have to go to work in the morning? It's soooo hard for me. I sit every day thinking about calling in sick. And it's exhausting. I'm so scared this is never going to go away. Please, any suggestions welcome.

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Are you on any anti anxiety medication ?

Maxiomargie in reply to Hidden

Oh yes. I take Klonopin and Effexor. The doctor thinks the Effexor is not working anymore and wants to make a change. He's putting me on Paxil, but now I'm afraid of the weight gain I keep reading about. I guess it's because it's one of the better antidepressants for treating anxiety (in my doctor's opinion) and that would make someone more apt to eat more and perhaps engage in less physical activity. It's a Catch 22 situation.

I go through this every morning. Now as we speak. I work 40 hrs a week and get up with massive anxiety muscle tension and trembling. But I have to push myself every day. I'm on celexa 20mg three weeks now. Although my appetite is back and sleeping a little better morning anxiety still there. I'm also on .5mg ativan twice a day but I only take it in the morning to get me through for now til the celexa totally kicks in. I even get so tense that my muscles spasm and cause nerve pain. Its horrible but it usually gets better throughout the day and night time is best for me. Feel better soon.

Maxiomargie in reply to Mpa5524

Yes, night time is best for me too. The trouble is that I'm so exhausted from trying to get through the day, when I get home I just want to go to bed. I've been known to put my PJs on and hit the sack by 7pm. This isn't easy. My doctor is in the process of changing my meds. I'm scared of that too. Not that anything I'm taking is working so great. Thanks for your post; it helps to know I'm not the only one.

Maxiomargie in reply to Mpa5524

Yes, that's me. I feel so much better at night. I hope the celexa works for you and you'll be feeling better soon too.

I too suffer from this same issue. I have to work 40 hours a week and some days I don't know how I'm going to make it to work let alone maintain eight hours of it. I'm not sure when this started or why. I used to work overtime like crazy but the thought of that scares the hell out of me.

I'm not on any medication for my anxiety and I try to handle it by using breathing techniques and journaling. Even still I have really bad days.

Same thing for me. Mornings are really difficult. I am not currently on any medication and the most recent bout of anxiety has only been a couple of weeks long so far but really tough. I started taking a supplement last week called Sunny Mood by Irwin Naturals. Hopefully it will help but most people say it takes a couple of weeks. The few days I've started exercising in the mornings - just a short yoga routine which I'm not good at but am trying or some time on our stationery bike. I have to make myself eat breakfast even though I don't want to - I have to take the supplement with a meal so that helps the motivation. Lots of music in my ears. I've gotten rid of caffeine. I spend most of my morning at work at my 40 hour a week job extremely sleepy and simply trying to get myself to a somewhat normal place. Breathing exercises, a nap in my car at lunch after a quick meal and my supplement also helps but it's definitely not a quick fix.

I joined a 12 step recovery support group this week and have scheduled a first appointment with a therapist but I can't get in until the week after next. That feels like forever away but at least it gives me hope that I'm doing something to try and get better.

Gee, I guess you do the best you can. I have depression and anxiety and BIG GUILT

You might want to look around and see if there are any docs in your area who have a better understanding of morning anxiety. Mine has either morphed away or my meds or making me feel like it's gone, but I remember how hard it was talking to people and acting "normal" when I couldn't control my intense physical anxiety.

Maxiomargie in reply to Windy101

Thanks for your post. Could you tell me what meds you are currently on? My doctor thinks I need to chanage...

I take Clonopin and Venlafaxine (generic name). I'm pretty sure that they alone do the trick for me. For other issues I take Gabapentin and Atenolol, which may contribute. Gabapentin is incredibly epensive without good insurance, but I think it helps. Atenolol is a beta blocker. Keep in mind, I'm no doctor!

Maxiomargie in reply to Windy101

Hi Windy. That's exactly what I've been on (sans the Gabapentin and Atenolol). However, my doctor thinks the Venlafaxine has stopped doing it's job, so he's gradually switching me to Paxil. His opinion is that the three best antidepressants for anxiety are Venlafaxine, Zoloft and Paxil. I had a bad reaction to Zoloft; it seemed to set off severe anxiety instead of relieving it. So this is my third try. I'm sort of nervous about changing, but I guess I don't have much to lose at this point. Thanks for your feedback; I really appreciate it.

Windy101 in reply to Maxiomargie

You're welcome! You may want to ask about the Gabapentin; it's used for all sorts of things and as I said, I think made some difference for me. I hope you find just the right cocktail for you!

I feel so bad for you because I went through this too a few years ago, although I remember it vividly because it was horrible. Mine lasted about 4 months, and then went away. I don't know why it went away because I don't remember adding or upping any meds then. I wish I knew something to help you because I know how incredibly hard it is. I have anxiety still but rarely in the morning like that. It's so hard, I give you tons of credit for pushing on and doing making it. Give yourself credit too, you deserve it!!!

Simplyme in reply to Simplyme

Oh, and if your Dr hasn't done a GeneSight text to see which meds should work best for you maybe try that.

I have very understanding colleagues that will carry me at work till I come round, its not every day, but they are great and wouldn't, couldn't work anywhere else.

I have the same issues. I have found that starting a morning routine has helped me sooo much. I get up and make my coffee and just sit with my dogs for awhile. I sometimes play on my phone or even watch some TV. Then I do some light exercise to get some of my anxiety out. I clean up and get ready and while I drive into work, I first say a morning prayer for strength and then I blast my music as loud as possible and rock out in my car. As strange as it sounds it’s something that really relaxes me! I still get anxiety at work but I have found that having this routine really has helped!

Pray and promise yourself a reward for going like sushi after work

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