Still wondering if my diagnosis was right

Still wondering if my diagnosis was rightbecause I started a cold that went to my chest two weeks ago today and as of Sunday have been on meds and Wednesday I had a chest x-ray and it said a little pneumonia so the doctor switched my meds to a stronger one and I woke up this morning at 5 o'clock in coughed very hard for 45 minutes until I vomited actually and it was clear but thicker like a mucus so my question is is this breaking up or maybe because I was laying down all night and it just settled or would this be getting worse which I hope not because during the day I feel fine and it seems like in the morning it starts to bother me and I start that hacking cough I'm just scared with the chest x-ray could they have read it wrong they wouldn't miss diagnose a cancerous tumor for pneumonia right?

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  • Lynl did you see my reply to your previous post? x

  • No I didn't

  • Actually yes I did see your post , thank you. I used to be a smoker 15 years ago, and my cough is getting better, but I asked the doctor if they were sure and he said because I was sick , its most likely pneumonia but kind of hard to read because of maybe location so we are X-ray ing in 3 weeks. I'm afraid because they said if it's still there, they would do a CT AND that makes me think they are looking for something else

  • No they are not looking for anything else unless it is proven not to be pneumonia. They are ruling out the obvious first and it most likely is that. Remember they said IF it was still there. It probably won't be so try not to worry too much. It's just standard treatment that's all and I am sure they didn't mean to upset you so much.

    Everyone always thinks the worst don't they but most times it's not. Have faith. x

  • There was one sentence at the end of my report that I'm obsessing over and it says " If clinically this is not felt to be pneumonia, then chest CT is recommended ". That's why I'm worrying plus even before my doctor sent me for X-ray, she said everything sounded good. It was because the cough started with a cold . Two weeks of this cough but it's settling down . I'm nervous that yes it's a cough but what if the lung thing is something else? Too coincidental? Ugh the stress has me nuts

  • They are not saying anything else is wrong, but it is standard procedure to check with a CT scan as this would show up anything else that could be wrong. It doesn't mean that anything else is wrong. If you are so worried about it why not give your doctor a call?

    I don't think there is anything I or anyone can say which will stop you 'obsessing' over this. x

  • I did call my doctor, and she just said , take your antibiotics. I drove them nuts too. It's just hard for me to stop obsessing.

  • Well I can only suggest you try distracting yourself as the more you obsess the more you will obsess. Fingers crossed the diagnosis is correct and the ab's will cure it. Take care. x

  • Thank you😊

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