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Hi. I'm new here and thought I might as well put something out there into the open right off the bat.

I'm 46 year old, married and recently empty nested. I went off of Celexa (40mg) about 4 or 5 months ago for the 2nd time. I had been on it for about 7 years with the exception of about 6 months I was off around 4 years ago.

I learned how to worry as a young child from the example of my mom. But, after years of therapy, medication, research and walking with her through Alzhiemer's (I just realized she died a year ago today), I am convinced that she had an anxiety disorder and unfortunately, I have inherited it. My brother and sister struggle with similar issues as well. So it may be a mix of nature and nurture for us. I bottomed out about 7 years ago with the fear of getting bed bugs before an upcoming trip. And I simply couldn't stop the spiral. I'd always been a worrier. But this was different. Finally, thanks to one of my husband's employees who also suffered with anxiety, I found a doctor and got prescribed Xanax for the short term and Celexa for the long term. I went to therapy (not my first round) for about a year and things seemed better. I tried going off the Celexa a couple of years later and was fine for about 6 months and then had to go back on. I went off again earlier this year after experiencing frequent forgetfulness, concentration problems and just general ditziness that was starting to severely affect my ability to do my job and live my life.

And here I am several months later and last week was PMS week and it seems like a switch go turned on in my brain. Since Friday, I've battled the anxiety again. Circumstances came over the course of the weekend (today is the following Wednesday) that increased the anxiety, starting my overthinking cycle going and today I've spent most of my work day working through the mental sludge.

I really want to be successful and learn some things this time to actually teach myself to work through the anxiety. I think that while the Celexa was a big help (despite the 30+ lb weight gain and increasing brain fog) but it was just masking the pain. I'm pretty sure that though the therapy was helpful, I didn't learn any techniques to work through the issues.

I found this site though Dr. David Carbonell's site, which I found "by accident" today.

I am hopeful. That is different than I felt even this morning. I have made it through the day and haven't died or had something awful happen as a result of the anxiety. This moment right now, I am successful and putting one foot to the next step.

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Wow. I really like the honesty of your post about what you have gone through and where you are now. So very sorry you have been through the suffering of anxiety over the years. I know how you have suffered during the anxious times. I have had four bouts of severe anxiety since age 22. I am now 57 and in the midst of number five. It was only a year ago that a severe seven week bout of anxiety was calmed down by 75 mg of Zoloft . Yet, last week I had a partial loss of effectiveness and now I am unable to work and cry a lot and pray and ask my husband to stay home with me. Like you, I want to learn tools to help me keep from relapsing in addition to medication. Medication by itself is not the answer. My pdoc increased my Zoloft from 75 to 100 last week and said It will take three to four weeks for the anxiety to go away again. The pharmacist said two weeks, my doctor said a week. How can they each say something different? I hope my doc is right but at least this time the med is already in my system so I am not curled up on my bed unable to shower or leave the house. Thank you for sharing. And for Dr. David Carbonell's site info. I will go check it out. I am also a praying person and I know I can do all things through Christ Jesus because He gives me strength and wants me to be well. May this moment turn into many many more steps forward until you are once again in remission. You have given me hope that an increase in medication can bring me out of this. I love your attitude my friend. You will be right as rain soon.

Hello, I am 53 and recently empty nested also, along with moving away from everyone I know to be closer to my husband's job. I work with my husband, but recently because of my anxiety and depression I have been taking a lot of time off.

I tried taking several different antidepressants with no relief. I've been to several different psychologists as well as a psychiatrist, and my GP. Nothing seemed to work for me except the anxiety medication. I'm now trying to figure a way out of this on my own.

I've found a lot of good information here from others and reading through the posts. It is comforting "for me at least" to be able to connect and share my story with others who are struggling.

This is my 2nd battle with this. I refuse to believe that this is my destiny. I believe that I am just going through something, and it will pass in time. I'm pretty sure I am in menopause as well. I do deep breathing at times, and it does ease the anxiety, but it doesn't keep it away.

I hope you can find some comfort here by sharing your story.

Feel free to message me if you feel like talking.

Wishing you the best..

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