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Still worry even though dr.says all is ok??

I have had several heart tests run all come back normal but I still feel as tho they have missed something. I get heart palps, which make my anxiety go into overdrive which then bring on a attack, I start to worry about heart issues, I get hot, sometimes have a feeling of icy hot from neck into sholders, and dwn my arms, feel nausea, I'm constantly aware of my heart beat and the pulse in my ear when I lay down,so I guess my question is if nothing is wrong and it is just anxiety and stress how do I get over these feelings? They are controlin my everyday most days

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You do meditation

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I have tried but can't seem to do a very good job of clearing my mind enough


You don't have to clear your mind for meditation. There are many different types of meditation. I did a post on one called the 6 phase meditation which you could try.

I have only every met one person who can stop all thoughts when they meditate, with most of us especially when you are just starting it is all about being aware of your thoughts but not letting them take over.

Things you can try are.

Deep breathing exercises. (I use these when I feel like I am getting anxious and my heart is starting to pound a little.)

Deep muscles relaxation.

Listening to relaxing music.

Mindfulness is another good exercise.

Yoga and Tia Chi and other exercises like these are also good as they allow you focus on you and are very relaxing. I did Tai Chi for a number of years when I was first told I would need to start taking blood pressure medication and It kept my blood pressure stable for a while.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you I will have to try these, my big problem is finding the time for some me time with 6 kids.


Oh dear, my sister struggles for getting "me time" and she just has 2 kids.

Wouldn't it be good if you could introduce to the kids that once a week everyone has an hour where they are to do something quietly and not disturb you. :-D

I am sure you can't even get peace to shower some days.

I hope you workout a way to get some time for you.

Take care.

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I don't I feel like even with those measures, I'm not sure would completely get rid of the worry I have with heart issues it's like I'm constantly aware of my own heart beat, I even hear the pulse in my ears at night it smetime drives me nuts smetimes


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