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palpitations and breathlessness

hello all.

i am having palpitations out of nowehere from yesterday. i had a lazy weekend and usually when i dont do anything during my weekends i start feeling more anxious . but yesterday during the evening while i was sleeping. i got up and realised that i cant breath and my heart was pounding. i went to gety self checked. the dr said it is anxiety and panox and that there is no real breathing problem. i am unable to breath properly but it goes away when i am not thinking about it. also i am having palpitations on and off and was unable to sleep properly during the night.

ive recently quit smoking but due to this i got afraid and lit a few. they although didnt help with the palpitations. ive got a previous history of anxiety as well.

i dont know what to do

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I would suggest that you look into breathing exercises for anxiety. You can get palpitations when you are stress and anxious. I found learning some breathing exercises helped me. I also found that some nights I'd wake up stressed from bad dreams and slowing my breathing down helped to calm me.

Mindfulness is also a good technique to learn.

The ADAA website has lots of resources that you could look at.

There are some audios that you can download to help with relaxation as well.

Do you find that if you rest up for the weekend that if you are going to get anxious it is on a Sunday? If that is the case it may because you are worrying about work. Why not arrange to do something relaxing on a Sunday or Sunday evening, something that you find engaging but which helps you relax. Going for a walk/drawing/painting/sewing/listening to relaxing music are some of the things I can think of.

Hope this helps.

Take care.


Are you medicated for your anxiety? Meds before bed help.


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