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How I wish I could think straight

How I wish I had a cleaner plate

I long for a reason to breathe

I long for a reason to be

Am I waiting for a drastic end

Am I waiting for that new friend


Dunno if I can take the voice in my head

Many years ago I should've been dead

Why am I here why don't I know

I've been waiting for that angel to show

Take my soul and rest it upon high

And I pray for that angel every night


I see her in my sleep and when I'm awake

Jesus-God what's it gonna take

I've been left here for something

And she makes my heart sing

But quiet and lonely it seems I'm meant to be

Only she knows she can set me free

My days are long and my nights are cold. I'd give anything if I could hold this angel who makes me smile. When the silence comes I fear I've done something wrong, but it seems I do stuff wrong all the time. My mind clouds over and the depression hits and all I can do is write. Too many to count and too many to remember. I continue to chase a hope and a dream...but it feels it runs further away from me.

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You have a way with words


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