Free Floating Anxiety

Pretty much daily I walk around with this fear or dread or grey cloud. It is as if I have a fishing hook dragging the bottom of the lake just looking for some garbage to snag on to. I call this my razors edge. As long as I stay positive a no think positive i don't get any worse however if I take any bait or focus on some of the garbage it could ruin the whole day or even the next 48 hrs. Still that uncomfortable razors edge haunts me till around 3:30. Then I start to feel better. Just wanting to ask if anyone can relate.

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  • I can definitely relate. I just read an article saying how anxiety sometimes doesn't have a reason so it will try to fit itself into something hence why anxiety eventually effects every little thing. They compared it to how when you're already angry about something little things such as someone walking too slow in front of you or heavy traffic make you even more angry. I do have days where I feel okay and don't think too much but I don't understand why. I also read that cortisol levels peak around 8 a.m so anxiety first thing in the morning is really prevalent.

  • Wow... thanks for the reply. It always feels better when I have an understanding that it is something chemical or physical rather than just who I am as a person.

  • Its a combination of everything from chemicals to your own thoughts. I really believe in the law of attraction if you know what that is, but it's hard to think being positive will help when you have can feel okay one day and wake up the next day with the feeling of anxiety just hanging over you unpredictably. I always think about if depression and anxiety are just chemicals that cause you to think a certain way or vice-versa. Like which came first the chicken or the egg.

  • Yep anxiety upon waking sucks.

  • Yes. My anxiety always peaks in the morning just as I wake up. It makes it difficult to get up and go to work. I to worry about everything that could possibly go wrong. It spirals out of control until every worry will be a catastrophe. You name it I worry about it. My mornings always are filled with dread. I read a little about mindfulness and how it really helps those with anxiety. I'm tired of relying on meds that don't always work.

  • Yes. My anxiety is always worse in the morning, it slowly dissipates as the day wears on. I wake feeling nervous with constant negative thoughts of the things that can go wrong. I worry a lot about my future, what will become of me etc. you described it perfectly.

  • Thanks for your reply Shutterbug65. Hate to hear but glad I am not crazy or alone.

  • Sounds like we have a morning anxiety club. My anxiety is always at it's worst first thing in the morning, too. It takes to mid-afternoon for it to start to decline. I wake up with negative thoughts about all kinds of things and later in the day, don't even remember most of them. I am relieved, in a way, to hear that cortisol peaks around 8 a.m. That could certainly be part of the reason that anxiety is so prevalent in the mornings. I avoid any commitments in the mornings because of the morning anxiety. Some would say that I shouldn't be avoiding, but I really am not in any shape to be functional. I hope that one day that will not be the case.

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