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Panic attacks/disorder

After three consecutive hospital trips and no blood work or CT's coming back with anything, I was disagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks. They have me Lorazepam to take home and ordered me to follow up with my primary. The attacks are so random and me me feel like I'm actually dying. It's the scariest thing I've ever endured. I have no idea how to pull my self out of it when it starts. I had a baby a month ago, so I'm hoping this is only temporary, but in the meantime I'm so upset that this is happening to me. I spend hours googling my symptoms, thinking there's something else wrong but everything keeps coming back clear at the hospital. How does everyone cope? I'm miserable. Please tell me this will pass.

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Yep definitely sounds like anxiety to me. I had the same problem. Several hospital and doctor visits. They kept calling me crazy and I kept thinking I was dying. I was put in celexa and my body couldn't tolerate it so the doctor told me he gave up and I needed a psychiatrist. There's a long list of anxiety symptoms on anxietyforum.net. It's helped me a lot. What are your symptoms? You're going to be okay. I know it's hard to believe that you aren't gonna die because how anxiety attacks make you feel. Trust me. I've been there many many times. If you tell me your symptoms, I could possibly recommend something to help.




Chills/heat up spine, neck, back of head

Comes in waves


Urge to pee/poop when it comes on


Dry throat

Ears ringing/right ear pain


I almost feel like I'm floating around, totally out of it. I feel like I'm dying. I'm so sad and scared.


Oh & rapid heart rate and blood pressure changes with movement. Total loss of appetite.


anxietyforum.net/forum/show... Check that out. The worst thing you can do is Google your symptoms. I did the same thing at first. Everything you've listed is on that list. My tests came back clear too. I was so convinced something else was wrong that I went as far as having a heart monitor for a month... Stress test all that. BTW my attacks bring the sudden urge to poop as well. So naturally I thought my body was shutting down because I know you poop when you die. Lol that's anxiety for you. So what has helped me? During a panic attack my number one help is YouTube guided meditation. There's a nice 20 minute one..guy speaking with an accent.

2. Square breathing. Inhale 5 seconds. Hold it 5 seconds. Exhale 5 seconds. Repeat for 6 seconds, 7 and so on until you reach 10 seconds.

3. Mindfulness grounding. It's taking that spacey feeling away. Example: You can go to your baby and just notice every detail. Look at the diaper, count toes, fingers...etc. You can write, draw, paint, color. Anything to focus on to bring you in the here and now.

4. Exercising. I'm not a big exerciser but walking in the woods, hiking trails worked great for me.

5. Cognitive behavioral therapy. Huge help. Anxiety is all mental. Your mind is controlling all the negative symptoms. It's hard to wrap your mind around it at first because of how you feel but it's true.


So you'll find this on multiple anxiety forums. Taking calcium and magnesium vitamins REALLY helped my heart. My anxiety would cause rapid heart rate which would send my blood pressure through the roof. And it would give me extra heart beats. I take 1 vitamin twice a day and I rarely have any heart issues or anxiety attack. Walmart Calcium, Magnesium, and zinc.

Ashwagandha... This one I've recently discovered. I could tell a HUGE difference in the way i felt when i took it. My depression was gone, anxiety gone, I had energy. It gave me heart burn at first and a headache but after that, I was good. I got mine from Golden Temple. I don't remember the brand. I'll find out and give it to you. I will warn you though, I stopped taking it for a while and my anxiety was extremely extremely high for couple days.


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