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Diet and anxiety

Hi there, I´m Virginia, I´m 37 and I was diagnosed with GAD 15 years ago. I was doing quite fine, but lately I´m feeling more anxious than ever (shaky hands, confusion, fatigue). The only thing that changed is my diet. I stopped eating meat like a month ago and I wonder if this "new anxiety" could be related to that.

Does anybody know if this could be the case or have gone through something similar?

Thank you!

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It sounds like its possible that you had a chemical change in your body, was meat a large part of your diet before the anxiety? Also has it been going on for the entire time that you have been on this diet, or is it just recently

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Hi, thanks for your answer. Actually I didn't eat that much meat, probably twice a week. (Which is not a lot for my country, Uruguay) I can't tell you exactly but I think it has been going on for about 3 weeks now, and I started my diet a month ago or so. I'm going to start eating meat again and see what happens... I let you know ;-)


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