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Anxiety and Coping

Hey everyone I am new to this. I have had anxiety and depression since I was thirteen. I am now 21. I have recently had my first break up and a lot of things happened to destroy my life along with the break up. He started seeing another girl the same day and I supposed best friends aren't my friends and are extremely two faced when it came to the entire friendship.

What I am hoping to find is ways for coping and just some support in general to I guess remind me that it isn't my fault that things ended the way they did. My mind is my worst enemy right now and I think the anxiety is getting too extreme for me. I have not eaten very much because I am constantly sick and the only thing that sounds appetizing is water.

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Hey coriboo!

On a light note, water for me is Not Appetizing... I'm drinking Seltzer lime flavored water just because I HAVE to get some type of intake..:)

I am 6 years older than you and I can say things will get easier as you get older/wiser. But the world will stI'll be the same. Youre right about finding that support since our mind truly is our worst enemy!

A friend of mine (only one who seems to accept/understand me) came up with a name for our negative thoughts and she'll randomly text with a HORN emoji shouting for that name to be gone. And honestly, I'm probably having a good moment and didn't even realize that her doing that did such a difference in my subconscious mind.

Negativity is just chilling in the corner waiting to hammer it's way to the front unexpectedly. And we're here n ready to be your HORN too! :)


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