school stress

i have been feeling really good lately but with school starting soon i am getting very anxious and starting to fell down again , i don't get bullied or anything like that, i just don't have many friends and i have a hard time making new ones , i recently just found out that the very few friends i have are not in any of my classes but i am trying to stay positive

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  • Hi roise_ ,

    I am sorry to hear that you are not 100%.

    Have you been to see a student counselor for a chat about how you are feeling? It helps to let the school know in case the anxiety affects your work.

    Stay positive and make a point to catch up with friends at lunch time or after school.

  • Hi Roise what type of school do you go to? Is it college or University? Are you getting treatment for your anxiety and have you seen your doctor yet? I presume you are at least 16 which means you can make your own appointments. x

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