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First post

Hi all,

This is my first post and didn't think it would be this hard but I am having a hard time managing my depression. It has been a struggle being able to talk to others about this since many of the people I have opened up to dont understand. I am a overwhelmed by this and haven been able to find genuine people who truly support me and understand.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

The users have a lived experience of anxiety and depression so have an understanding of what managing both the illness and the treatment is like.

When you share an issue, we can offer tips to improve outcomes on your journey to recovery. The beauty of the forum is that users are from different countries so there is a chance someone will get back to you reasonably soon. If you are looking for advice relevant to your location, please include the general area.

Opinions are just that and don't replace professional advice from healthcare professionals.


Hello Tracy.

I am so sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult period at the moment trying to manage depression. I can understand how you're feeling. I have experienced a very bleak and overwhelming period of depression, and because of that time, I can now recognise the signs of when it is happening to me again. I am beginning to struggle a little at the moment...

I know everyone's experiences and the cause of their depression are different. Mine has started in the last couple of years due to long term illness which changed my life. But I have struggled with anxiety on and off for all of my life, yet the depression was a new experience for me. When it first happened I shut myself away without realising it, that was my way of dealing with the feelings. I know not everyone, whether friends or family will understand, but you should still have contact with people and force yourself to get help and support from charity websites, Doctors/ therapists, support groups etc. Often there are support groups in towns/ cities, and these are helpful and supportive as everyone attending can relate in some way..

I believe most people are dealing with something in their lives, but if they haven't been through a particular or similar experience then they may find it difficult to relate to what you are going through.. If you are really struggling, go and visit your Doctor, they will be able to offer medication if it is needed, and although medication by itself isn't always the answer, it can help to get you through the difficult episodes. The doctor can also recommend cbt - cognitive behaviour therapy- to help you change the way you think about things. CBT is very effective and there are many work books on Amazon and lessons on youtube. Mindfulness and meditation are also excellent ways of helping to view things in a much more positive way, making it easier to do the more you practice it. Focusing on these can also help direct your attention, and you can do this as you go through your day..


verywell.com/mindfulness-ex... -for-everyday-life

I know when you feel overwhelmed with feelings of depression that it can be hard to want to do anything, but talking about how you feel is always a positive thing. You have done really well by coming on here and taking a positive step. Not everyone along your journey will be able to offer the help you need, so take what is relevant to you and continue reaching out. You are not alone, and remember that You will recover from this period!. Take care of yourself and eat as well as you can. Very best wishes🙂 xx

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Welcome to the forum. I am sure everyone on the forum can relate to how difficult it is to let people know you have anxiety and depression and also how some people just don't understand what is going on.

I stay in Scotland where the saying for when you were ill was "give yourself a shake and get on with it". I have even had a very distrubing time a lawyer for my divorce who would quiz me all the time about my depression and who always said he couldn't understand why I couldn't forget it and just accept the things my ex was saying without getting upset about it. I have lost thousands of pounds to that lawyer and had to find another one who is more sympathetic.

I have also lost a few friends over as well and those who I thought would be supportive because of their own health issues turned out to be the ones that alienated me the quickest.

The good things is that I found the HealthUnlocked forums and also my GP is very good. I know others who don't have such a supportive GP and I know how unhelpful that can be because I was referred to a psychiatrist and all they wanted to do was check my medication and offer me alternative medications when I was looking for other solutions to help me control my anxiety and depression.

I am glad you have found the forum and would like to just say you are not alone and also it is okay to feel tearful and tired. Please ensure you are getting help from a medical expert and also look into alternative solutions.

I found good advise about setting up a good sleep routine and also eating a healthier diet helped me out alot because it is tiring having anxiety and depression and when you are rally tired it is hard to think clearly.

Take care

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