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Anxious again 🤦🏽‍♀️

Today I am having anxiety, my period will be in 8 days so this is the third time I get anxiety close to my period. I truly think that this is all having to do with hormones as far as the anxiety I feel right before my period, I am keeping track of this to confirm this theory. On the other hand I get anxiety every once in a while when I'm no where near my period.

I am trying to stay positive and not panic and believe I'm having a heart attack but it's very hard. Hope everyone has been feeling a bit better.

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HI, I used to get very short tempered before my period so hormones do have an affect on how you feel. I don't suffer that anymore because I unfortunately went through the menopause early. That caused its own problems because I have been unable to have a family.

Anyway it is good that you are keeping a diary to confirm that is why you feel so anxious. Are you keeping a note of what you eat as well, because your diet could have an affect. When it is coming up to your period do you worry about getting anxious and feeling those pains in your chest? I ask because sometimes worrying about what may happen can cause extra stress. i know when I know things are coming up that are likely to cause me more stress that I ensure that I am getting enough water and eating healthy. I also add in extra time for getting out and walking in the fresh air to get a bit more exercise and I add in extra relaxation/meditation sessions.

I hope some of the things that work for me might give you ideas as to what you could try to help yourself.

Take care

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