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Anyone lose hope sometimes

I have these physical symptoms that are so draining and persistent. Some are anxiety related but some are medical, like my acid reflux. I wonder if things are ever gonna get better. And for some reason my body rushes with dread for No Reason and I get anxious. Is that even possible or am I really subconsciously anxious? How am I supposed to live life? I am grateful for my health and everything I am but this gets tough

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Hi there, stop concentrating on what's wrong with you and shift your focus to correcting the issues. A lot of our physical issues are created and or aggravated by stress. If you're stressing about your issues they may get worse. Start working on ways to de-stress your life and relax your mind. Put on some classical music or your favorite song on. That will change your mood. I like to use Elton John's "I'm Still Standing", it helps me focus on the positive. I hope you feel better soon! ❤


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