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I need someone to talk to. I'm so tired of dealing with anxiety and depression alone. I have a phychiatrist but all she does is prescribe more meds. My symptoms are always so much worse in the mornings. I have no friends or family to talk to, and I'm tired of relying on meds. Anxiety has such a hold on my life I find it hard to get anything done. I'm most afraid of my future, I just don't see anything positive. Living alone for the rest of my life scares me . Can anyone else relate?

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  • I can relate to an extent. I have anxiety that's with me from the time I wake up until I go to bed. Though i have a wife but thats it, no other family or friends and ive been a loner my whole life until i met my wife. Ive also been having depression since taking meds for anxiety. You're definitely not alone, I'll be here for your support because I know how you feel and I too need support and want off meds. There's supplemental vitamins and minerals that improve brain and nervous system functions which in turn decrease anxiety and depression WITHOUT the horrible side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. I'm going to start them as soon as they arrive this week(I ordered on amazon). Please, if you need to talk or vent is love to listen and even share my problems

  • I can identify with you. There are some pretty good herbal supplements though expensive, that can really be a benefit for all kinds of heath issues mental and physical .

  • Whats funny is my situation is like your, but different and Im not sure who has it worse off. I am surrounded by people, but have managed to hide my anxiety and depression and it eats me up on the inside. I worry about things that havent even happened yet and when I have nothing to worry about my mind scans to try to find things to worry about. The worry is very debilitating and makes it tough to get through the day. I find exercise helps. The meds are so so in their help. My condition is tough on my family as I find myself often quiet and withdrawn as my mind is cluttered with worry and has no room to fit anything else in it. Im gonna beat this and you will to. Im trying the scientific approach with medicine. Im trying the religious approach with prayer. Im trying the new science approach with testosterone replacement therapy as low test can be a cause of anxiety and depression. and im gonna treat it by being open with my feelings, talking about it. Its amazing how many people deal with it and are masters of hiding it.

  • I also try to hide my anxiety. In the morning when I'm at work I feel very anxious and I try to just get through the morning. It's a struggle. I hate waking up like this, like you my mind scans for anything negative to worry about. Especially the 'what if' thinking. I'm the same as you in that I worry about things that havent even happened. I live alone so I worry if something was to happen to me, I have no one nearby for help. And for me these are real worries, I just don't know how to deal with them. But I always feel better in the evening. I'm so scared right now, and this is not who I am.

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I also pray for guidance and courage. I hope God hears me.

  • I can relate to the morning part as well. It is terrible in the morning and going to work....horrible.

  • You can message me if you need to talk!

  • Sorry for the late reply. Thank you.

  • .... mornings worse for me too ... going to try and wake up earlier ... so I don't rush and have time to calm myself down before hand. I have been waking up late rushing so I don't have to much time to think about the anxiety before I go into work. Going to try another method now and see if that works xx

  • Yes my stomach tightened up while reading you post.

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