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Advice! Weather to keep away or do whats best!?

Hiya this is hasn't really got anything to do with any anxiety or depression im just looking for advice on what to do really! Well back in June 2016 we started to have my oh little one! He's 4yrs. Well cut the story short in Feb 2017 we had him stay over night with a few of my children's friends! There ages are 8/9-9/10! So quite grown up! His son liked to play with them especially the boys! Well they was all play fighting and whatever! Well the following day when Mum had come to pick the son up Mum had seen a mark on his ear, well the Son said that his Dad had done it!!! Well because mum and son had been with social services they had got involved and came to my house and was told that my partner wasnt aloud in the home and was to move out and wasn't aloud lone contact with any of the children whilst he was and the situation was to be investigated by the police! Well 5 and half months down the line it hasn't been dropped but social services have said that my partner was aloud to come back home and everything could go back to how it was! But now 5 months down the line my partner does not want anything to do with his son! Well we have spoken and i have like agreed to what my partner has said and stood by him. But in my eyes because our son that we have together (also 4) keeps asking when and if he can see him! Well i am in 2 minds weather to just stick to what my partner has suggested as this is not ny son or just start meeting her behind his back so the boys can have contact and can see each other as i do think its a bit unfair to the boys! But i hate the fact that I'll be lying to my partner and going behind his back :(

What would all you mums do? I feel really bad for the little boy as we and i (and my 2 older children who have got diffrent dads( but loved him all as our own! 💙💙

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I've pm you babes xx


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