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Hello. Just signed up. I am needing a support group because I have recently lost most of my support group. I would like to talk to people who actually understand what I am going through. Often times I can't find the words to explain how I am feeling because I think the English language just does not have those words to describe living with Bipolar and probably never will. So if you feel the same way and wanna talk then cool. Currently dealing with going from a semi-stable period of a couple weeks into increasing depression with limited ability to cope with life, deceased ability to function in daily activities, and suicidal thoughts.

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I've had very high moments to very low. I try to keep level headed now , through exersize , support groups , and meditation. And sometimes dr prescribed medication too.


Hello Maggie.

I'm on the same boat. Two months ago I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I'm still not sure which one came first. I lost 4 jobs within 8 months and I also have suicidal thoughts. I never thought that I would be effected by such disease. I guess depression doesn't discriminate. It's really painful. Everyday is hell and every minute I wish I was dead. I have a very supportive gf which is the only good thing left in my life, since I try to avoid all of my friends, except one. I'm also desperate because it seems that I can never recover from this demon. I'm starting seeing a therapist but words don't seem to make a difference. I'm thinking of starting medications. I think of death but not ready to die yet. I have realized this past month that we are not alone. There are millions like us out there and probably millions more that haven't come out yet. Unfortunately our society is very uniformed when it comes to mental illness. But most people don't know that some of the greatest minds of our time suffered from depression and anxiety.


I am so sorry that you are feeling these things. I have anxiety and depression. I am seeing two therapists. I am on medications. Things are gradually improving. I encourage you to explore meds. To help stabilize things. You Don't need to stay on them forever. Also consider a support group and cognitive behaviour therapy. All the best

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