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Busy busy busy week

Well in regards to my first post, things have been looking much brighter since my last little lapse in anxiety. Ive been keeping busy and even found going to the park to bird watch has been a huge help. Im not sure why, but i really like birds and for some odd reason, they seem to be very drawn to me. That and dogs. They always seek me out for some reason and it makes me so happy. So in that i decided to try and foster animals to help my local shelter. I filled out an application to do so and ill see how that goes.

As for depression, its always on and off, but i found keeping busy on things that make me fee productive have been key in helping me. Im trying to train myself in singing and even began teaching myself audio engineering and that has helped a lot. Things seem pretty good.

The only thing im lacking is sleep. For the life of me i just cant get proper rest. I dont want to take medicine, but i do take melatonin and diphenhendrimine which seem to bit really work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything non harmful would be good. Thanks everyone!

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