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Advice please


Hi, I've been depressed 7 years now. I've tried several different anti depressants, I had a counselor tell me I was pretty much a lost cause. I've tried exercising and damn near everything. And nothing seems to help my depression or anxiety. I can't sleep at night and when I finally am able to fall asleep I don't want to wake up because I hate feeling the way I do. It effects my job, my relationship, etc. I have bad mood swings. I get angry at the smallest crap. I want to feel happy again and have energy and love myself but no matter how hard I try nothing works. I need help. I'm scared to lose the one person who matters the most to me because of my depression. I need and want to overcome this. Please please please help. Thank you

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You have highlighted a number of things I might be able to help you with:

1. depression and anxiety together - often a tricky combination requiring trial and error with medication (there are nearly 30 meds available for doctors to prescribe) best addressed by a mental health specialist doctor i.e. a psychiatrist. A medication review is a good idea every few months. If your primary care provider is scared of combining medication (technical term polypharmacy) then ask for that referral to the psychiatrist.

2. sleep issues - the root cause of a lot of other issues. Sleep is supposed to be time your body and mind works to recover from the day. I take Mirtazapine at night for it's sedative affects to sleep. When this doesn't work, I take a Temazepam as well but only a short course of 5 nights because they become addictive

3. counselor advice - ignore the advice that you are a lost cause. The counselor and you were not a perfect fit in your therapeutic relationship. It's time to go with someone else, preferably someone who has particular interest in depression and anxiety. Just ask the question when you ask for an appointment.

4. working while suffering depression and anxiety - have you read the book by Dawn Fitter called Working in the Dark. It contains lots of tips and hints

5. could you have high functioning depression? - HFD was a new term to me but a psychologist, Dr Margaret Rutherford is the guru - check out her website

The best article I have read is on the link below

6. support - you have one person who means a lot to you - you have keep this person in the loop about your depression, tell them what you need and most importantly involve them in your treatment if they are willing, perhaps even attend appointments with you


Please know that while Drs and medication may be helpful. Some drug interactions may make you worse. I believe in CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is a way of taking back control of your thoughts & your life! I am not on any meds at all. I do take herbal remedies. Taking control of my thoughts gave me the power to change my feelings. I'm glad you reached out for help. Now keep reaching to take back your power. Drs don't control your body, you do, or at least you can... With some work and belief in yourself. I'm here for you 😊

Nadia_FL in reply to Hidden

Exactly my advice too! After tons of other things, I have found that living clean, vegan/veggie diet, natural, herbal supplements and a bio-identical hormone after my hysto has been the best concoction for me.

Any counselor who tells you that you're a lost cause should be fired. Go find one who believes in a more positive approach. There may be reasons not entirely your fault that you didn't make progress with this person. There are some not so great therapists out there. Go find yourself a good one.

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