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Don't want to get out of my house

I have been in a state of either deep depression or extreme anxiety for about 3 months now...probably longer. I've lost track of time. I am diagnosed with Complex PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, clinical depression & severe anxiety. I was diagnosed 23 years ago...you'd think I'd be better by now. But every time a situation comes up (which is quite often), I regress. I've been self-harming again and I have successfully pushed everyone who ever cared about me away. I don't even want to be near me. I hate myself.

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By any chance are u prx a benzodiazepines? Aka xanax adivans etc? They will make u feel "agoraphobic" and give u 10xs the anxiety then u begain with! Not 4 long term use be causious with the meds!

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