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Anxiety When child is sick


My daughter has tonsillitis right now. She gets this fairly often. She runs really high fever and we have problems getting her to take the medicine. Every time she gets sick my anxiety feels out of control. I stayed home with her two days, then my husband stayed home with her yesterday, and now she is at my in laws. I am at work and I feel out of control with worry. My mind is going in circles with what if scenarios of bad things happening to her. Any advice?

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I too get anxious and depressed whenever one of my children gets sick. I couldn't sleep nor eat. I love them so much that it scares me if something might happen to them. I told my children's pediatrician about it. I don't know if it will help you, but it helped me when he said that as parents we do our best to care and love our children. But we should have this strong faith that the life of our children is in the hands of God. We shouldn't worry for something we are not in control of anymore.

I'm the same way. I can't sleep when she is sick. Thanks for the advice. It is so hard to have faith and face the fact that I can't control everything.

I am like you when it comes to my daughter, even though she is an adult. I worry terribly when she is sick. It's all part and parcel of my overactive amygdala (the part of the brain that signals danger) and my anxiety disorder. I am on meds. for anxiety and I try to do the things that are helpful - counter negative thoughts, eat properly, get exercise, calm breathing, visualization of positive, calming images, distraction (doing something productive), and I pray. Anxiety is hard to live with; it makes us feel tense and fearful a lot of the time. Perhaps you might want to see a doctor yourself to discuss anxiety, and look for some other resources to help you learn how to manage it. Hope your daughter is better soon, and also that you find help for your anxiety. All the best to both of you.

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