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I started taking 50mg of sertaline almost 2 weeks ago, I've been tracking my moods and symptoms and the only thing I've noticed is that I'm extremely tired all the time, I come home from work and sleep for 5 hours. Not sure if that's even a side effect, but that's all I've noticed besides being slightly dizzy. I've been able to sleep fine and I haven't noticed a difference in my appetite. I do still feel a bit anxious sometimes, but nothing like what I felt before. The same thoughts go through my head, but they don't have an effect on me like they used to.

I'm not sure if maybe 50mg works for me, but I still have moments where I'm scared the side effects will start because everything I've read from other people seem to have a bad reaction at first. I'm just scared because I really don't want to feel how I felt ever again.

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Hi I am on sertraline but 150 mgs. I find it works well for me. It can take up to 6 weeks to fully get into your system so any side effects should abate soon.

The only side effects I get now are a dry mouth and nasty dreams. To me it's a good enough trade off.

nicolen in reply to Hidden

That's not too bad then. So you didn't feel more anxious at all or have trouble sleeping when you first started taking it? I'm just scared it's going to get bad again

Hi Nicolen,

I have been on Zoloft for several years. When you first start taking it, it takes several weeks, but you'll start noticing a different outlook on life. You'll notice the sky is a bit more blue, and most of all, the voices that race in your head when you first wake up will turn to music. Its amazing. Just give it time. The dosages are usually 50 -200mg for adults. I am at 100. Mine makes me tired too, so I take it before bed. Its not the type of medicine that you take when you're feeling anxious. It's the type you have to build up in your system and let it saturate you. Stay with it and you will start to see results. It certainly won't hurt to up the dosage once you are managing the tiredness.

Hope this helps!

nicolen in reply to Mike7340

Thank you for your reply! Reading what you said does help, it makes me have hope that I can feel like myself again one day, thank you. Im just scared of feeling worse again before it gets better.

Mike7340 in reply to nicolen

There are two types of fear. The kind that guides us (like looking both ways before you cross) and the kind that torments us for no reason. You know this kind all too well. But they both have something in common. Fear exists for one reason: to be conquered! Otherwise, it cant cut you, stab you, or kill you. But you have the ability conquer it inside you. Find that ability and use it in baby steps if necessary.

God speed!

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