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I am fighting so hard to control my anxiety and lead a "normal" life. My anxiety level is the highest it's ever been. My psychologist that I have been seeing for over 20 years has been of little to no help during this most recent episode. I have attempted to find a new psychiatrist that maybe could put a new perspective on things and maybe tweak my meds and I can't find anyone that participates with my insurance. My MD, I can tell is losing her patience with me and I feel like I can't find help anywhere. I have the best most supportive friends and family but their patience is wearing thin as well. Finding help shouldn't be this hard when the struggle is so debilitating.

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  • I wish you the best. I have yet to find a solution or good structure that will allow me to live a normal life. I switched psychologist a bunch of times. I found one I liked that really talked to me but she is out of insurance and I have to find a good one like her that accepts my insurance. I have had a few that I feel are just in it for money. I felt they pushed me along and just prescribed medicine. Many of them would only have time to ask me yes or no questions and never allowed me to speak my mind. I'm currently looking for a inpatient facility so I can be monitored and have my mess adjusted hopefully properly

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  • The better days are ahead of you. You just haven't got there yet. Don't be hard on yourself. You can't fix this over night. It takes time. I am sorry you are feeling this way but glad to here you DO have support from family and friends. Please keep posting. I have been there and still struggle currently but my days are getting steadily better. And the will for you too.

  • i switched psychiatrists 4 weeks ago after 20 years with the same dr. because my eoisodes of depression were getting more frequent and more deeper. so far this new dr took me off one antidepressent cold turkey and increased the other one that i have also been on, he also added a low dose of lithium as a mood stabilizer. Its been a very rough 4 weeks, but yesterday i felt normal! i cant imagine there are no other drs on your insurance? good luck

  • It's horrifying to me that psychiatrists aren't held accountable for their success with patients. Can you imagine if a regular MD treated someone for 20 years for a condition like diabetes, and that person remained the WORST they'd ever been? Then acted out of patience with that person? You have a real disorder and deserve good treatment. I urge you to find a better doc if you can and to let your friends and family know that you, too, are running out of patience - because you are the ones suffering the symptoms - but that you're doing something about it. I'd also look for a support system that really understands mental illness. Some people just aren't capable of getting it - they still think all we need to do is pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and stop being a pain in the neck. If only it were that easy!

  • I should add that as much as I want their understanding, I don't get it from family and friends who haven't have some kind of issue of their own. Instead I tend to feel judged. So, I've stopped telling them anything and instead save it for people who do know and care. They are out there - go find them!

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