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Hello I'm a Newbie

I can't believe I'm posting this. I, just recently (2 weeks) admitted my depression to family. It has gotten really dark. I had been taking meds for 10 years but came off them 3 months ago. I never admitted to the depression, just said it was anxiety and ADD, (BTW) Hmmm. Don't know if it took 3 months for the kolonopin, neurontin, and vyvanse to come out of my system or a recent life experience reality check, but I hit bottom. Glad to find this group!

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Hi Wishing Star,

You are very welcome in our forum which is open 24/7. We talk about lots of things and can offer advice from a lived experience point of view.

Medication decisions should be taken in consultation with your doctor. Did you do a slow taper or go cold turkey? Tapering can make a big difference to the way you feel.

If you choose to return to medication, go back to the dose you originally took. My doctor told me there is a small chance that it won't work then he reassured me that he has some other meds in his tool kit :)

Discussing mental health with your family is really important for the support you can receive when things are looking glum.

Hoping that you have talking therapy in your treatment plan.

Let us know how you go :)


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