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If your med phobic skip this please


I need to vent because I know this is a major issue with my anxiety right now.

I am terrified of medications because my mother had a serious reaction to one when I was young.

Dr increased my Escitolapram(?) because my anxiety spiraled out of control recently after years of being fairly stable.

I always have a very difficult time making changes because I am scared of what the medicine may do to me. Welllll the side effects or anxiety took over! So I started looking up side effects of this medicine (bad idea) 😃 Somehow I managed to find that this medicine can cause QT Syndrome!! That has me really scared because that can cause sudden death. I keep trying to reassure myself that I have been on this med since 2007 with no ill effects.

One symptom of QT is fainting, so in turn this has blown my thoughts into overdrive. Now I am twice as afraid I will pass out when I am home alone. I am afraid I won't be able to get help if needed. The panic attack I had earlier was blown up because I keep thinking in the back of my mind I am gonna faint and die!!

Any suggestions on how to deal with this thought process?

Thank you


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Hi Suz65,

You can try a little reverse psychology and think about the good things the meds can do.

Write down a list e.g. decrease stress, improve sleep, manage pain to look at when you need reassurance that you will be okay. You could add a second part which is an action to take when anxiety strikes e.g. go for a walk, do some gentle stretching or pat the pet

Suz65 in reply to blackcat64013

Thank you blackcat64013

I really appreciate your advice. Reading this now I can see how that could help. Will be sure to include that in my journal.

Thank you


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