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I hv been Bipolar and Depression and having medicines for the last 17 years. Bcoz of my argument i was kicked from the department and now working in the other department but in the same company.

For the last few weeks in an argument, i got irritated and anger, i soughted in a big noice. This was happned about four or five times. Nobody knows my illness but i got the bad name bcoz of the other deptment where i kicked out.

so, others are thinking i am a problem maker, no one told me face to face.

Now i am 52, i wanted to stick into current job bcoz in this i wont get a job, even if i get another job, the salary which i am getting in the current company, i wont get other.

Can anyone Advise?

Also tell me the procedure to apply EAP.

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i am taking correct medicines and i am working everyday fine. And even at home or outside i am okay. i dont want tell my illness to anyone in my office. Either it will be positive or worster than at present. I hv worked from 2002 june in this company. I went CBT for 4 times thru vedio call before 2 years back.

Dear lilaclil pls advise me if you have anythin

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