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New here, want support


Hi, my name is Kelli. I'm female. I would love some friends that can understand what heavy anxiety is. It's gotten so bad that I've developed agoraphobia. I also have trouble with my energy and motivation level.

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Hi Kelli,

Have you tried anything for your agoraphobia?

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See my response below, sorry I didn't directly reply to you. I am new here.

That must be hard to deal with. Welcome to the community i hope you get some answers here and make some good friends.

You are not alone. It's difficult to generate the motivation but sometimes we have to be proactive to give ourselves the best possible chance for managing this disease. Sometimes we un consciously do things that work against us and sabotage or derail recovery.

These are some of the tools I use. These are suggestions that work for me. Your results may vary but there are no negative side effects Only positive side effects Take what u like, leave the rest

- excercise releases your brains natural anti anxiety/ depessant chemicals. Rigorous enough to get to heavy breathing and blood flow. It can be as simple as jogging in place or climbing stairs

- diet changes. Caffeine and sugar are fuel for anxiety. Processed foods, greasy foods, fried foods and artificial sweeteners work against you. A clean diet can do wonders .

- avoid alcohol, it's a depressant.

- meditation , I use podcasts and YouTube videos to find guided meditations, self hypnosis and inspirational self affirmation. Use the search bar. Get a podcast app

- stay connected, don't isolate. Find forums like this one, recovery programs, church, etc to express your feeling and get feedback

- social connection - Create a free profile at and attend meet ups with others who share similar hobbies and interests.

-Volunteer or support or encourage others is a good practice. doing things for others gets you out of ruminating about yourself. "Don't think less of yourself, think of yourself less"

- attitude of gratitude. As hard as it is, it could always be worse. I make gratitude list to remind myself of my blessings.

- write it down. Keep a journal, dig deep. Write letters to yourself, to god, your resentments, your fears, your inner child etc. be your own therapist. It's cheap

- professional therapy or counceling. Although it's cost prohibitive, sometimes it takes a professional to dig up the right questions.

-Avoid news, politics, and all forms of advertisements. They all use fear to control your emotions to generate a reaction.

-Avoid social media. Don't fall into the trap of comparing your insides with other people's outsides.

-Try natural supplements like Q96 brain supplements or others. Google it. I have not gotten dramatic results but I know people who have

These tips have no negative side effects. They are worth a try before resorting to drastic measures.

Good luck ✌️

PS- watch this video when you need inspiration

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Wow, what a powerful message. It made me cry bc in a way I feel broken and feel like giving up. Thank you for sharing it. I also posted it on my FB page.

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I keep a copy in my notepad of my phone. I call it my toolbox. It's amazing that when Im feeling well I can remember how to take care of myself but when I'm sick I can't remember anything I can do to get myself unstuck. That's when I go to my toolbox. Be diligent and keep it up. Good luck ✌️

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Thank you for the tips. I loved the video you attached, I cried through the whole thing. Thank you for taking time out to outline a healthy plan.

Great reply Meeasy! We can all use your tips!

I've tried having an online coach. I have a therapist that does energy work (I have no idea if it works) and I'm on medication for all my illnesses (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and agoraphobia). I try to push myself but I feel like I have a block that keeps me from going forward. I do volunteer as a crisis counselor and answer phones for another charity. I really appreciate the tips given by Meeasy. I know what I need to do, I'm just stuck. And right now, I'm so mad at Trump and Congress bc I depend on Medicare/Medical and disability. I can't work. It's giving me a panic attack. Sorry if you like him, you are entitled to your feelings. I'm just scared to death I'll end up homeless.

I'm glad you have joined us! I hope you find help here. I know I have. I have trouble with motivation, too. I have been trying to set goals and invite others to do the same on my posts. Please join if you would like 😊 I find that it helps just knowing that others are going to check on you and they are trying to do the same thing.

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Thanks for your commit. I'm trying to be more positive but it can be really hard, You can talk to me anytime you need someone to talk to. I wish you have a great night.


I think you've found the right place for support! A lot of us seem to have difficulty with either leaving our house or leaving our safe boundaries. I've been pushing myself to get further and further from my comfort zone and while it can be extremely uncomfortable I know it will be worth it!

Something that I do is be selective on when I'm pushing myself. For example, I don't do multiple challenges in the same week.

Hope that helps!

I agree that I have to push myself and set goals. It's just hard to be motivated when your anxious and depressed. But I'm going to try.

Today was hard. I couldn't complete the simplest of tasks. I feel so lazy. I'm just so afraid it could get worse and I'll spend all day lying in bed. Then I won't be able to take care of myself and I'll have to go to a group home. I really want to go back to school to be a certified assistant nurse but classes start at 7am and I can't seem to get up before 10. Plus I'd have to drive. But I really need it so I can get a job if Trump cuts our benefits.

Kelli, you may want to talk to your doctor about these symptoms. They seem like signs of depression and just exhaustion from your anxiety symptoms.

I'm suffering from the same thing. Some days I sleep all day and can't find the motivation to get out of bed. I have sleepless nights and other things. We all have our own struggles we just have to learn to cope with them and learn the things that make them better.

Wow, it's great considering how hard it is for you, that you are so positive. I wish I was. I'm sorry about your suffering. You can talk to me anytime.

Hello Kelli,

I am sorry to hear you a suffering from heavy anxiety. I too have battled anxiety since my teens (started with panic attacks). Thankfully there are ways it can be managed but you have to be dedicated and work on it everyday. There are medications that can help but can also make it worse, so make sure you have a good doctor who monitors whatever you are taking. You are not alone in this... remember that fear is many times a perception of what we believe the reality is and not reality. I have found that by becoming more spiritual and trusting that whatever the Universe wants for me as a mind soother. Simply letting go of things that disturb you... Instead focus on meditation, lots of exercise, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, spending time around family and people who care about you, doing things you enjoy, helping others (volunteering) are all great ways to help with anxiety. Talking to others who have anxiety helps too. Stay away from alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering substances - they will only make it worse. I hope you will feel better.

You now have a friend, I'm sure among quite a few since you posted. This is a good way to get support, encouragement and people who umderstand. Welcome.

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