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Another Update

I feel weird right now. I guess today is a down day for me. From a scale of 1 to 10 on how suicidal I feel, maybe a 4. Nothing really happened to me today, except the fact that I had to do homework for my therapist. She wanted me to write down what stemmed my depression, and the reasons why it might've happened. I guess doing this has given me bad vibes. That and the fact I got in an argument with a friend last night. I honestly feel like slitting my wrists, but I'm just gonna slap a rubber band on it. Hope you guys are doing ok though.

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Maybe try writing a list to combat the other one u made... like a list of all the good things in ur life, even things in the past if u can't think of any good ones right now. Idk, maybe that would bring some good vibes to u... I'm sending some good vibes ur way as well!❤


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