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The power of anxiety

Hi! I'm finally doing something that I love: singing on stage. Singing is my one talent. I did this years ago and had major success. Now that I am retired I went back to the stage and I can't even do one line correctly!!! And anxiety and self- doubt have really done a number on me! Any suggestions to get me through these next performances? Doesn't help when you feel worthless to begin with.😞

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I am right there with you! I used to be a musician and my anxiety would turn into performance anxiety when I hit the stage. Although, as a string bass player. I could convince myself that no one notcied me. Until I went to college where solos were manditory each semester. We were to play in front of all the other music students for a grade and it became too much to bare at times.

One thing I found was that simply telling others around you that you are anxious and doubting yourself usually leads them to encourage you. This was enough to help me through the shakes and nausea.

You have to remind yourself that, even if you aren't as good as you want it to be, the people listening are having a different experience. They will love you! Music is wonderous and beautiful and everyone wants to hear the singer! Your voice will envoke emotion into your audience's hearts and they will be so greatful to you and to your voice!

Think back to your success when you get nervous. You are still the same person. Your body may has changed but the drive to sing is still there and should let it out. Try meditating or chanting. If you are religious you can try chanting the name of your respective God or Diety.

That's all the advice I have but I hope it helps. Good luck to you and your performances!


I took your advice and everything went smoothly! Thank you so much!

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I'm so glad, you're very welcome


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