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Haven't posted in a while - Severe anxiety attacks!

Haven't posted in a while - Severe anxiety attacks!

Hey guys,

Haven't posted in a while. Hope everyone here is going okay, my prayers and heart are with you in this moment. Last post I mentioned I said I was feeling severe fatigue and depression - well I came to my parents house because I knew I needed help. I eventually got diagnosed with 'Hashimoto's thyroiditis'. It's an autoimmune thyroid issue that exaggerates the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Feeling much better, more active and way less tired after taking my medication.

You know that feeling that when you feel good for a while, you suddenly start thinking 'why? I usually always feel shit, this feeling is different'. Soon enough I think I screwed it up for myself. I'm going to grad school in a couple of days and I can't seem to wrap my head around it. I can't seem to believe this is happening. Not like a happy 'oh my god this is really happy' but more like a morbid 'I can't visualize a happy future, I'm going insane, I'm never going to graduate, I'm never going to meet someone, get married, have kids and just be... normal'.

I feel bad that I have these intrusive thoughts. Annoying thoughts I have no control over! I try to think of other things, I do yoga, I went for alternative treatment, I journal, talk to my therapist but I'm really starting to think I need proper medication.

But I wanted to know - anyone here on anxiety medication? I'm not asking for you to suggest so I can buy but I want to know how it was for you after taking your meds and if it helps. I have a long life ahead of me and I panic over every small issue - I can't continue like this any longer.

Attaching a photo from couple of weeks ago when I was really down for perspective. Was it the anxiety causing the crash and the depression or was it the other way around? I don't know.

Don't know who you are reading this but I love you and I really pray things are going well for you,


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Hi there,

I can relate completely to the intrusive thoughts you have. I have them too, and I take Xanax, which temporarily seems to help, especially at night when they're at their worst. I just had a severe panic attack that woke me up, and about 30 minutes after I take a Xanax, I feel relaxed again. I really hope you can find what works for you. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. :)

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Hi , I am new here, I feel sad because my girlfriend left me , said I didn't include her in my life no more

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How are you doing now?


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