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Depression Can Break Your Heart

Research over the past two decades has shown that depression and heart disease are common companions and, what is worse, each can lead to the other. It appears now that depression is an important risk factor for heart disease along with high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. A study conducted in Baltimore, MD found that of 1,551 people who were free of heart disease, those who had a history of depression were 4 times more likely than those who did not to suffer a heart attack in the next 14 years. In addition, researchers in Montreal, Canada found that heart patients who were depressed were 4 times as likely to die in the next 6 months as those who were not depressed.....

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Well this is good information to know. Thanks for the link


Thank you for taking the time to share that information.

Now for those of us with depression /anxiety issues that are still alive after reading it, would you share any information the studies had to help us with anxiety and depression issues. Hopefully, there were some.


lol... and are still alive! I can't believe that there are those even in here who think having a mental illness means one is retarded.


You are up to your old self today, full of (something) and vinegar. :)


I am just concerned that many on here tend to look at these issues as if they are removed from other potential problems when in fact study after study has shown that these mental problems do affect not just our quality of life but our expected lifespan.

I am bothered by it that is why I don't take it lightly.


I understand fully...why do you think I ask stupid questions sometimes. :)


Thank you for sharing, hopefully it gives everyone even more of an incentive to try and fight depression knowing that it can help their physical health too.


Well, gee, thanks! THAT certainly makes ME feel better. NOT!!


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