Job or No Job? 🤔

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is feeling alright, today I wanted input on something that's been on my mind for a while. I've been out of a job for almost a year now after 3 months of being pregnant my temporary job as an HR assistant ended. I spent my entire pregnancy jobless, after giving birth to my daughter I thought I would take a couple months to get back out there then my anxiety and depression hit. Now I feel like I'm a sitting duck, I can't drive long distances because i get panic attacks, and if I do work idk how well I'll do considering I'm still dealing with anxiety and depression. My boyfriend is the only one working but I feel like the money is not coming in quick enough, so I get the urge to start working again. I'm just so confused and undecided about what to do!

Please comment your suggestions and opinions I would really appreciate it!

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  • Hi, I've not been in your position so am sure there are others out there much better to help you but I guess it depends whether you feel up to working. Is there any way you could do part time agency work? That way if it doesn't feel right it won't look bad in your cv if you want to quit after a couple of weeks. For me I find working helps me because I have to get out the house and meet people. Also means I feel like I have done something rather than sit around feeling down but I'm guessi with a little one you don't get much chance to sit down!

  • Hi levymaria,

    Are you able to work? I'm not sure you won't have a panic attack at work, are you? And how is your depression? Will it affect your work? Remember how getting acclimated at a new job can put a lot of pressure on you? Are you up for that? Have you thought about part time since you are a working mom if you go to work?

    I think I've given you most of the important questions you need to think about before you start job hunting, but you'll think of others as you go on about this process. Best of luck to you!!

  • That confusion and undecidedness are in fact as a result of your anxiety and depression. And the longer you let it linger, you worse it usually gets.

    The first and only decision you ought to make at this point is to go out and find yourself a good psychiatrist who will listen to you and help you get on a good treatment plan so that you can begin to live without all that confusion and undecidedness.

    Once you get on treatment and finally get to the point where depression and anxiety aren't on your mind every day, you will not even have to ask anyone to weigh in on your personal life because you will confidently make your own decisions and stand strong in them.

  • Post partum depression may be affecting you chemically still for awhile. The replies you have received are very good. Reread them and think some more. :)

  • It's certainly understandable that you are anxious. And it must be exahusting to try to hide it. You lost a job, and all these other things are going on the same time. Take one small step at a time. I hope you have family/friends who can also offer you some comfort and help you to get back out there.

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