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Latching on to the Comfort Zone

Today, I'm going to the doctors. Funny thing about that - I'm petrified of going. I'm that kind of hypochondriac who likes to pretend there's nothing wrong with them, and avoids the doctor AT ALL COST.

It's warm weather today, too. I have a fear of being stuck in warm weather and fainting. Awesome.

I'm not feeling well, either. I have a fear of throwing up in public. Double awesome.

I've ran out of chewing gum, too. Something that helps me with the so-called "nausea".

I'm so tempted to ring up and say I can't make it, but I know that will never help me in the long run. Urgh, I just wish I wasn't so afraid because I don't want a panic attack. I just have to think of the relief talking to someone will bring me... hopefully. I'm gonna do this.


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If you know all these things matter to you, then you need to make sure you are always prepared.

On your way back from the doctor's office, stop to purchase a box of chewing gum. and when I say box, I mean the biggest box you can find, so that way, you can go out without thinking you would get nauseous.

Next time you have to go out in the hot sun, take with you a small umbrella, and a litre of water at least. So that way, you don't faint, and even if you end up throwing up, you at least have some water to wash out your mouth with and stuff. :)

Please make certain you get to the doctor's today!

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Thank you for this.

I went to my appointment and sorted loads of things out. I felt a million times better after my appointment! I stopped by the shop on the way to the doctors and picked up some gum and took an ice pack with me incase I got overly warm.

But I did it, and I'm happy I did! :)


I am glad you didn't back down. Part of taking back control from all the monsters that haunt us is knowing to fight against all needs to become complacent.

Congratulations, you are one step closer to taking back your life.

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GOOD FOR YOU, dodthe dot!! I am exactly the same way and will put off making doctor appointments because once I KNOW I have one, my panic/anxirty goes through the roof. I am so proud of and for you.


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