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Help discussing with family

Hello, I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for all four years of high school but I have not been able to bring it up to my mom or any family members. I have gone to a counselor at my school once a week but it doesn't feel like enough and the depression just keeps getting worse... How do I start this conversation with my family? I need them to understand

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Use a Google search "START DEPRESSION CONVERSATION WITH FAMILY" to bring up numerous sights with written tips and even videos to watch about this difficult topic.

Counselling is only one part of the depression treatments available. Medication may be required since it has been four years in therapy.

If you are dependant on your parents to take you to your doctor, opening a conversation with a trusted family member is the first step on the journey to recovery.

Otherwise, it is important to take yourself off to the doctor for a thorough check up of your physical and mental wellbeing. There are some medical conditions which mimic the symptoms of major depression.

It is important to ask the receptionist for a long appointment as there is always so much to discuss in the first appointment. Your doctor will be interested in your history so it helps to put down a few notes about your mental health in the last four years, the problems you have, who you have seen, what works and what hasn't helped.


Hi.I just wanted to let you know what you're going through is normal it's totally okay if you feel embarrassed or like you can't bring this up to someone. I definitely think you should bring it up to your high school counselor and for sure parents you never know how they're going to react until you tell them. This is serious issue that impacts your life and want to tell someone don't truly make you feel better if that doesn't work please let us know we want help you.


How do you start the conversation with your family? There is no perfect way, no right or wrong way or time to do it. You just do now and get it off your chest.

you know your parents better than anyone else but more importantly you know how important it is to you that they be aware and probably more involved in helping you get the help you need. So, you just have to swallow your pride, show it from the top of your lungs if you have to or email it. Whatever way you can, and how often you feel you need to to get the message across, you just need to do it


I well remember being in high school and unable to figure out how to talk to my mom and dad about my depression. I wish I had done it then. Can you write your mom and dad a letter and ask them to read it when you are not around and get back to you later? I'm a mom and I would listen to my child's communication in any form.


I've been in the exact same place as you. I just want to say I have so much respect for you. I was stubborn for months before I realized I needed help. You said you see a Counselor right? They may have some suggestions or may be able to set up a meeting. If you want to approach them without that I might write down a basis of how you feel so that when you start the conversation, you have an idea of what you want to tell them. Telling them you'd like to see a therapist may even be a good idea. There's no wrong way to bring it up. Just find a time when they're both around and ask if you can talk them about something privately. You might get worried or scared that you're making your condition up and I assure you you are not. Mental illness isn't understood as well as it should be so if your parents seem like they don't undertstand that's okay. Looking up information online is a good start too. You can do this!!! :)


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