I am in a GREAT relationship. I bought a house about a year ago. My job is not perfect, but I do enjoy what I do. My anxiety is just always in the way. I cant seem to stop worrying about everything! I cant relax, my fatigue has increased. I am having headaches daily, nausea, sweating. I am anxious all day/every day it seems like. I have tried Celexa for 2 years. It worked for a while, but then my anxiety worsened. I have been on Buspar 10 mg three times daily and Prozac for 6 months. I feel these are no longer working either. Any recommendations? Advice? I just don't want to feel like this anymore. Things are going my way for the most part, but I am still not happy and still stressed to the max.

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  • Please go back to your doctor or prescribing psychiatrist & tell them the deal - I tried so many different meds & still recently have switched up yet again. I currently take Celexa 20mg daily, Buspar 10mg twice daily, Ativan 0.5mg PRN & for now that seems to be helping. The longest lasting med combo that worked for me was Vybriid 40mg daily with Abilify 5mg daily. Worked for about 2.5 years before I needed a change. And that's the thing with most meds, you can't achieve the same desired effects forever with most due to our ability to become "immune" to them... and for me, if I'm going to spend money on meds & put them in my body every day, I want them to work well for me. So I'm willing to switch things up if/when I have to just to find the best thing for me. Good luck with this & I hope you find what works best for you very soon!

  • I was on Celexa for about a year before I broke down and went to the doctor and she switched me to Zoloft. Now that I know that it is normal for medications to stop working after a period of time, I try to pay very close attention to my symptoms. If you're like me, you'll often times try to normalize an increase in severity of symptoms. But it is NOT normal and you don't deserve to continue struggling silently.

  • I so understand. I am on Viibryd and Klonopin. But the meds are not the cure. The cure for me was therapy. All that anxiety is living under some insecurity. Once you figure that out, you start to heal. Acceptance was also big for me. When I finally realized that my anxiety would never be gone, that is was something I had to manage, it took the lower away from it.

  • Very true! Meds help with symptoms, but I think talk therapy is just the best thing ever. At least for me. I process & deal with things by talking them out, it just helps me so much.

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