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Has anyone ever dealt with agoraphobia?


I would like to meet someone else who has the same condition as I'm going through! This is all new to me in admitting that agoraphobia is what I am dealing with and I've never met or talked to anyone with the same thing!

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There are many people dealing with this. Just page through the posts and you'll find them from every date.

I can relate to you.its a hard thing to deal with.im dealing with the same thing right now.to be brief I've had panic attacks for years now on and off.rigbt now though feel like it's the worst I've ever felt.like u don't want to leave unless someone is with me and it's is so frustrating cuz I know that I can do it and am like WTF it's just driving .and I've done it for years.i wish I had the answered for ya but as of now I don't.everyone can be different so I don't know what will work for you.but some ideas is drive short distance and extend them each time.try to say numbers out loud or say what your thinking out loud or sing. Try having a fidget to click.theres is so many things out there that I've seen as I've been researching this stuff for years.anything else u want to know or talk about if u need to I will try to help as I know this crap is terrible.

Madibreann in reply to Docshady1

Yes and even leaving with someone can feel so uncomfortable too. I've been trying to make myself as I lived on my own for 4 years and now I'm back at my moms because I couldn't do simple things like go to the grocery. It's like it all just bubbled up one day. Thank you so much

So I have never had this condition myself, but my old roommate did. And I did see her improve with methods that her therapist would suggest.. he'd make her walk up and down the street while talking on the phone with him, drive gradually longer distances by herself, and just challenge herself in those ways.

When she didn't put the effort in to do those things, her state seemed to worsen. So I'd say be consistent in trying to combat this and you will improve. Slowly but surely.



Madibreann in reply to Mendyjem1

Thank you so much. I'm definitely going to try to challenge myself every day to do that.

Mendyjem1 in reply to Madibreann

I deal with consistent anxiety so I feel your pain of fighting something intangible and illogical day in and day out. But you will be okay! Use your experiences to help others and this will create purpose to all the madness. I truly believe if everyone dedicated a little more time to helping others, we'd notice less of our own problems.

You will be okay! You sound like you have a great head on your shoulders.

Madibreann in reply to Mendyjem1

Thank you so much!!! Very helpful. I definitely want to use what I've been through to help others.

I'm slowly going down that road. And my brother has it. I like to think I know a thing or two about it. We can always talk. I have questions too. (:

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Yes just having someone to talk to that understands can make a huge difference!

I have battled this my entire adult life and I am now 59, so you DO live through it. As you know, it comes and goes in its intensity. Frankly, I often have to take Xanax to be able to drive or go to a store I've been to a million times. Many docs won't prescribe it, but it is my savior. I see a psychiatrist and a therapist and have been in therapy my entire adult life. I managed to make it through college and even graduate school and have a PhD in psych, but a panic attack and agoraphobia are illogical and even though your brain KNOWS that, it's almost impossible to get relief or go through with a planned activity. I even went through a period of drug addiction trying to self medicate but went to rehab three times and finally got through That! I suppose I am still addicted to Xanax, but it helps me function so I don't care. The most frustrating thing is that people who don't deal with this disorder really can't and don't understand no matter how hard they try. Obviously because it makes no logical sense, right? They think you're just a little nervous or apprehensive. People who have HAD a real panic attack understand. People use "panic attack" too loosely and they don't know what a REAL one is like. You want to implode or do anything desperate to stop those feelings. I have recently completed TMS (Transcranialmagneticstimulation) and have had fair results with it. They map your brain and attach an electrode to your left brain lobe and deliver a series of pulses that feels like a woodpecker. You are fully conscious and able to drive or whatever immediately, so it's not scary or anything. The idea is to stimulate the neurons in your brain to connect to those with serotonin. Serotonin as you likely know is the chemical which makes us feel "good." TMS tries to reestablish the pathways in your brain. It is covered by insurance in some states and used at places like the Mayo Clinic, so I think it's the future of psychiatry. Unfortunately, it wasn't covered in my state and it cost me over $10,000. I mention all this just to let you know that research and treatments are still evolving and I am hopeful. Will your psychiatrist give you Xanax? Many don't or won't because it is addictive and you do build up a tolerance which is where I am right now. Still fighting. I try to force myself to go places and keep up a routine because I know how small my world can become when I give in to Panic.

I've lived with this for as long as I can remember just never as bad as now. I actually had it before with no panic attacks so I could just tough through it until about 2 months ago I had my first panic attack and I haven't been the same since. I had to quit my job and move in with my mom again. I really just want to be able to do things like work again. It's nice to know that someone else has felt the same way I've been feeling. There are times you don't know how you're gonna make it through no matter how much you can rationalize what is happening to you.

You're exactly right! No matter how illogical you know your feelings are, it's almost impossible to deal with a panic attack! It's amazing how many of us suffer from this debilitating affliction. Not only do you feel like a failure, depression starts rearing its ugly head. I am lucky because I have a paid "caregiver" who checks on me every day and drives me places when I can't drive. She tries to keep me company and get me out of the apt which isn't easy. Today we went to buy a bunch of flowers for my little deck and I have to say I'm looking forward to her sprucing things up out there! Don't know what I'd do without her. I am technically her employer, but we are friends and also socialize so the line is blurry after all these years. I still need Xanax though!

Oh HELL yes.... Sometimes worse than others. WHY i keep the Ativan close by and always for an airplane ride. I hate elevators and the back seats of cars. EVEN too crowded outside somewhere gets me grouchy. I often have to force myself out of the house for some fresh air and then I am ok again for awhile.. :^)

I am afraid of elevators and tunnels and flying. I have to take Ativan when I fly. I don't like to go outside by myself. You are not alone.


I am going through this right now too! Driving by myself is the biggest trigger for me but even when I have someone else in the car I can be nervous. I try to be on the phone when I'm driving to distract myself and talking about it with whoever I'm with also helps. I'm trying to push past my comfort zone with driving but it's hard and I hate feeling terrified. Ugh!

Madibreann in reply to Hidden

Me too!! Why is talking about what you're feeling relieve it because that helps me too weirdly!!! I'm really trying to push I hear that the more you don't push the worse it gets 😮 Are you on medication?

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Yes. I take Zoloft and Methylfolate in the morning and Viibryd at night. I have Xanax in case of panic but I normally only use one tablet every couple weeks or so

it is very difficult to deal with, you can try talking yourself thru it. Yesterday I had to and I ended up in tears before I left but I did do it. I called my sister and told her I had to go to the store and she said to call her when I get back. Before I had to talk the entire time but it's gotten better. I just keep pushing my comfort zone and hopefully I can just do it. The more time I think about it the worse it is for me.

I'm usually in tears right before doing something as well. Thanks for advice!

Now I am starting to stress about what the kids are going to wear to school tomorrow, please help me. It's crazy.

I'm sorry you deal with that extra anxiety. I just have anxiety with leaving and dealing with new experiences everyone else seems to have fun with. It's exhausting.

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