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Hi everyone, have been through a lot of hospitalizations lately and a bunch of other health related "crap". Have always been able to just come sailing back. This time however I believe I have developed anxiety about all of it. Don't want to leave home, afraid to drive, just previously unbelievable things for me. Finally went back to work which I think is helping. Do not want to take meds and hoping somebody out there in anxiety land has experienced these feelings and would be willing to help me understand.

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I have had lots of experience with work and anxiety and also stopping work due to anxiety. So I've had it both ways many times. And in the end you do what you can do and when you can't do it any more you have to quit working until you're sure you can work again and then you start interviewing for work again. You do what makes sense at the time and that's all anybody can do.

I've had to quit 2 times where I was working but my anxiety became too much and I was having a nervous breakdown and had to call it in as sick and eventually had to say that I wouldn't be coming back to work in the near future when that became obvious to me. It takes me months to recover from one of these breakdowns. The 2nd time much longer than the 1st. Thank goodness this happened at 2 different places of employment. I'd hate to burn my bridges by having it happen at the same place.

Tell me how I can be of help to you now that you know much about my experience.

Thanks for replying. I have been at same job for 19 years, a vet tech. Love it and would not want to do anything else. Copd is the never-ending health issue and my bosses are more than them to pieces! Just don't understand the "internal" jitters and all this previously unexperienced stuff. If us getting better I believe, just wanting to believe this is a temporary thing due to all the medical things

What do you mean by "this is a temporary thing due to all the medical things"?

Jitters being temporary and as soon as I get back into the swing of things, I will be back to the old me

Good for you!! I've had internal jitters for over a year as a side effect to a medicine. I'm being transitioned off 1 med and onto another. Possibly this has happened to you?? It's something to keep in mind anyway; especially if nothing else seems to fit. I wish you many great years as a vet tech!

Thanks for always responding! U are the best. I am just coming off about 7 weeks of diflucan for throat yeast infection and was feeling great till Dr says one of my liver enzymes is high and wants ultrasound. Threw me into complete panic again. Just said no, can we redo blood work after a while off drugs. He agreed and anxiety immediately calmed down. There is no doubt in my mind now that this is a result of being sick for 3 months.

I also suffered from anxiety and panick attacks for 3 -4 years. It all came out due to hypothyroid. Get your thyroid checked

thanks for help. I had it checked and it is completely normal

Good atleast that's clear.

Constant pain causes anxiety and if you were in the hospital for an extended period, it would seem like going home and having those responsibilities would also cause anxiety. Not knowing why you were hospitalized, it's hard to help. If you had a respiratory infection refer above. If you were there for a terminal illness ....... I don't have a clue. 😊

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