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Is there more to this?

I'm at my gp nearly every week and getting passed back and forward between services trying to find the. The right help and medicatation.

I'm finding it hard to be listened to or maybe I don't explain myself well enough

I've been on many medications which all made me better but worse now my doctor is trying me without any and I'm worse though more stable in ways.

I've also tried CBT and counselling which me me worse.

I've listed some of my problems below problems I have difficulty explaining face to face.

Fear of blushing (social anxiety)

General anxiety

Relationship anxiety

Extreme and rapid mood and emotion changes. (which medication made more extreme and faster )

Emotions motions on a knife edge

Inappropriate Anger (medication made worse)

Extreme Agitation

Racing thoughs

Difficulty concentrating

Feeling everything at once at times.

Very black and white thinking

Outlook changes quickly

Feelings of hopelessness and guilt

Paranoid thoughts

Suicidal thoughts

Suicidal threats

Self harm

Unstable relationships

Unable to work

These are problems I've struggled with for years and I'm slowly getting worse and finding it impossible to get any kind of help I feel I am being let down what if it gets too late.

Is this more than depression and anxiety?

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Have you seeked out help by psychiatry or have you not found a good one that you feel fits with yourself? I really don't have much to offer but a good psychiatrist to help you manage these problems. Good luck to you.

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I've been referred to the mental health team and spoke to a cpn as a nurse there wasn't much she could do and asked me to go back to my gp to be referred to their psychiatrist. My doctor refused to do this saying it was down to mental health team.

I am being throwing in-between services and feel being let down.

I feel a psychiatrist would be best person for me to see but I am struggling to get in front of one.

My problem is sometimes when I'm infront of my doctor I find it hard to explain as that moment in time I feel OK.

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How about writing down these symptoms you have written here and presenting them to the doctor for your next appointment along with your firm request to see a psychiatrist? There is no way a GP should be trying to handle this. You need to have a psychiatrist r/o bipolar depression, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder and who knows what else. A psychiatrist is specifically trained and educated in diagnosing and treating these things and a GP is not.

This GP is mishandling your medical needs. Can you sue a doctor in your country? If so, I would make sure this one knows you understand that he is doing an inadequate job, causing you a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering and is still a real problem for you. He needs to get out of the way and refer you now to the appropriate doctor for this job.

I'm so very sorry that you've had to suffer through several medication changes and you've not had success yet with any one drug. I hope you had the right amount of each drug and the right amount of time for a fair trial of each. I wish you the best of care and success at getting past this roadblock doctor and on to the right drug and diagnosis for you.


If you feel your GP is bouncing you around, I'd look into a better Dr. If you go to health grades, you can review the Dr prior to setting an appt based on reviews. Id be more upset with him bouncing you around and going through loops to get help than helping you with your symptoms. Good luck.


Sorry you having such a difficult time trying to find the "right" medication and therapy. It's very frustrating.

Bottom line it appears all your symptoms mentioned are part of anxiety and depression.

Have you ever kept a daily diary with entries time, place, what you're doing etc. of when you are taking a medication, what and how much you are eating, how you are feeling...and so on. (include sleep and exercise time and quality)

This type of diary can sometimes show a pattern of, maybe clarify, what might be helping or not helping you. Or what you are not doing.

Hang in, don't give up. Many of us have gone through what you are experiencing.


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