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Anxiety & Mild Depression

I suffer from high anxiety, so much to the point as of where I can actually feel like my body is going numb in certain places. The anxiety comes from the depression and the depression comes from a life where I've always been pushed to my limit for me to say something. I hold things inside and when I finally do let them out, I tend to cry and yell all at the same time.

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So sorry you're going through this! When I feel like my body is going numb or I am dissociating, I try to ground myself by feeling the weight of my body on my chair or my feet on the floor, rubbing my fingers together, or taking deep breaths and paying attention to any aromas in the room. If you are able, carrying aroma therapy in your bag or pocket helps a great deal as well. If I feel like my anxiety is escalating, I'll drop some peppermint oil on my wrists and the sensation and strong scent will keep me grounded. Are you seeing a therapist? They may be able to equip you with some coping skills and ways to set boundaries with people and be more assertive so that you are not ever pushed to explosion. Most employers have an employee assistance program that affords you some low-cost or free sessions--definitely worth looking into. Hope this helps.

<3 Bev

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I so understand what she is saying. I feel the same way. I am so terribly ill and afraid I will not get any relief.


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