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Generic Depression Med Given by Mistake and the Havoc They Cause

I was given the new generic form of my depression med by my pharmacy by mistake this month. My hubs picked it up from pharmacy and did not notice until later that evening, and since he had already left there, they would not give me my usual non-generic tablets. Since that time a week and half ago, my depression, panic attacks, and PTSD has gotten worse and worse. My insurance company will not pay for the non-generic med until my next refill and I cannot afford to purchase it. I don't know what to do to manage all the things happening to me, until I can get them filled again. The panic attacks are so bad that I am u able to leave my house, and am basically staying in the bed constantly. My depression is to the point that I just want to sleep until the time for my regular meds gets here. I suffer with PTSD after having a stroke a few years ago after a hard blow to the head in an auto accident. Since that time, I have worked tremendously hard getting to the point that I was before this med fiasco. I feel as if this hA set me back years, and I don't know if I can keep doing this for much longer. I feel like I need to vent as much as anything, but want my regular meds back. I am totally miserable and my symptoms get worse each day. Any advice or help would be appreciated. I am at the end of my rope, have tied a knot in it, and the knot is slipping. I just want to give up, curl in a ball, and stay there. Thanks for listening.

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This is an emergency for you and your safety. 1st of all, the pharmacy made a mistake and your husband can't be expected to know that. The pharmacy CAN be expected to get it right. Do you think there is any chance you can talk to the right person in charge at the pharmacy in order to get the correct drug? Is there an agency to report them to for filling the prescription incorrectly that you can tell them you'll report them to unless they fill your prescription correctly?

Second: If the answer to #1 is "no", you still have an emergency. Is there any possible source of the money needed to get the rest of the month's prescription of the correct drug? Can you sell something? Can you cash something? A CD? a ring? anything? Any item around the house that's worth the price of the drug? Your mental health is worth quite a bit, as you have explained and so is your progress that you've explained you are losing. What about retirement moneys? Stock? anything at all? Loaning money from a relative? Remember, this is a medical emergency! This calls for emergency funds, not just what's comfortable but what isn't comfortable. Do you have a musical instrument to sell? A bicycle? A coin collection or part of one? Tools you can give up?

I think you can get a feel for the emergent need I'm trying to get you to feel about this way to afford the drug you need. Will you take this kind of look at getting the drug you need for yourself? Please?


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