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When I sleep (and stay asleep straight through the night) why do I wake up feeling like I haven't slept?

I wake up looking like I haven't slept too, with massive dark circles, as well as having the aching body and the exhausted brain. But I've slept!

Then there's the other times where I wake up 5 times a night but it's expected to be tired as hell in the morning after that.

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  • I definitely will watch out for replies on your question. I have had the same problem ever. But you can add that while I am asleep nothing wakes me up (lights, sound, not even an earthquake - true experience at 9 yrs old). Anyone would assume that I should wake up rested, but that is not my case. I always, always wake up tired, except when I travel to a more than 8+ hours time difference country. Sadly the feeling only lasted a couple of days. I experienced the "waking up rested" feeling for the first time 6 years ago (and btw I am 51). Let me know if you find the cause pleaaasee.

  • Hopefully someone will reply with some solutions because I have the same problem. I go to bed around the same time every night and wake up around the same time every morning. Some days I wake up feeling well-rested. However, most days I wake up feeling like a zombie. I'll be so exhausted and my brain feels so foggy that I can't concentrate on anything. I've been using a Fitbit for the past year to track my sleep. It records how long you were asleep for, how many times and when you were awake, and how many times and when you were restless. Even though I'm in bed for 7 hours, it doesn't mean that I've been sleeping the entire time. My Fitbit says that I've only been sleeping about 4 hours a night and the rest of the time I've been restless. I honestly can't even remember the last time I woke up feeling well-rested. Let me know if you find a solution because I need some good sleep.

  • I tried the fit bit as well but took it off after almost a year of trying to have better results with no luck. I even went to a sleep clinic and all they could say was to try to have a almost impossible routine before going to bed. It made me more anxious and I my sleeping pattern worsen. After being properly diagnosed (1 month ago) with ADHD and begin a medications apparently my sleep pattern apparently is improving. I might have the courage to use the fitbit again and see if that could be the reason. I will let you know ....

  • Hello! There are several stages of sleep which are necessary for a "rested" feeling when you wake up in the morning. Often, for various reasons, maybe the medication you take or when you take it, the need for something to help sleep are needed. Discuss your problem with your prescribing clinician. I discovered that I had sleep apnea from working many years on the night shift. I hadn't been using it the past several months and the quality of my sleep suffered. I didn't realize it until I saw my psychiatrist. She said I looked more sleep deprived than I had when I working nights. I was feeling more depressed as well. Since I've started using my cpap again I wake up with my head feeling clearer and rested. I'm not doing cartwheels but it's easier to get up. There may be some reason you aren't feeling rested. The doctor can help determine what might be causing your sleep disturbance. Good luck! An evaluation of your sleep patterns may help determine what may be preventing you from going through all phases of sleep needed for "rested" sleep.

  • Thank you.

    I've not be diagnosed for anything yet and I am not taking medication. I will be seeing a counsellor for the first time today, hopefully they can help me out.

  • Hi again! I know this site is very clinical but it is a reliable source for accurate information. It will help you to realize how complicated sleep can be for the body....sometimes medications, herbal supplements, etc are needed.


    What do you think?

  • Now that was some interesting website 😂

    This applies to me :

    "Sleeping problems occur in almost all people with mental disorders, including those with depression and schizophrenia. People with depression, for example, often awaken in the early hours of the morning and find themselves unable to get back to sleep. The amount of sleep a person gets also strongly influences the symptoms of mental disorders. Sleep deprivation is an effective therapy for people with certain types of depression, while it can actually cause depression in other people. Extreme sleep deprivation can lead to a seemingly psychotic state of paranoia and hallucinations in otherwise healthy people, and disrupted sleep can trigger episodes of mania (agitation and hyperactivity) in people with manic depression."

    The only difference is, my suspected bipolar has caused this sleep issue in the first place, then this sleep is making the suspected bipolar worse.

    What a cycle 😣

  • Good luck with your therapist today. I'm guessing you might need something to help your brain "shut off" at night. Bipolar and ADHD can make it difficult to sleep. My son has always had trouble sleeping and was diagnosed with ADHD. What helps him is melatonin and valarian root. Again, it might take some figuring out with your doctor what would work best with your medications.

  • Thank u.

    Bring only 16, it's hard work finding the right help. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. Is your son feeling better now that he's taking those supplements?

    I'm in mixed state with a bit of mania so I'm struggling to think straight and act "right" at the moment. I apologise in advance if I seem a bit strange and that 😅🙃

  • Do you have any support at home or school?

    That would make it easier for you to seek and receive help.

    No apologies needed. Yes, my son seems to be sleeping better. It doesn't last forever. He had been taking melatonin alone and Benadryl before that. We work closely with his psychiatrist and since I'm very knowledgeable about herbals I have been trying this root for now. Valarian root and a little melatonin has been effective for some people. So far, it helps him.

    Let me know how your appt goes. My son is 13.

  • I don't have support at home because I don't have that relationship with my parents, I don't know why but they are really protective and strict (for the better) but I don't have a bond that I should have....

    This counselling is from college, my tutor, the chaplain and my biology teacher all hammered on at the counsellors so I can now see them. Hopefully I can get some medical help for it.

  • That's great you have supportive people in your life. Is this your first year of college? I have been my sone advocate since he was born. My own parents couldn't accept that I suffered depression and anxiety for years when younger. I understand your parents situation and mostly denial that you are struggling. Parents often feel responsible although it's no ones "fault".

    Most mental illnesses I'm sure you know are inherited so I'm guessing that your family might not be ready to acknowledge or deal with whatever might be in your family history. They might feel it's protecting you but in reality it would help you to understand and feel more connected. Ultimately, we need to do what's best, I didn't have my parents support but I knew I needed to get support. I congratulate you for doing what you need to do to feel better! It's no small feat! I went to therapy for years before I told my parents!

  • Yup first year at college

  • You have a lot going on! You definitely need support to be successful. Do you live at school? What are you studying?

  • I live at home then go to college, I'm studying psychology, biology and English literature.

    Just to clarify, I'm British. College is me doing A levels, last for 2 years - equivalent to American high school

  • Thanks for clarifying. It is a bit different in terms of classification!

  • Great post regarding sleep, which is invariably affected by a whole host of physical and psychological imbalances. It is difficult to ascribe a single cause for sleep disturbances, and you may benefit from consultation with someone knowledgeable in the field. Quantity, or duration of sleep not always equates quality. Pick someone who can take a broad, wholistic view to the problem rather than merely follow preconceived notions. No one size fits all in sleep solutions.

  • Hello,

    My doctor sent me for a sleep study, worrying that I had sleep apnea. But it turned out that I just never cycle into the deep REM sleep that is refreshing.

    I was sent to a neurologist and her solution was to put me on a stimulant during the day so I could function. It has been 4 years now and it definitely makes me more productive and the stimulant doesn't counteract the effectiveness of my klonopin.

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