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Just starting out

Hello, I'm new here. I suffer from anxiety and depression. Currently going through it at the moment. I'm feeling extremely lonely and feel like I have done something wrong but I'm not able to figure out what I did if anything. I am extremely tired but unable to sleep because my mind is racing. I just found this site by chance and decided to give it a go.

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Hi OwlyAly, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. I know how frightening anxiety can be, feeling like we are alone in what we feel. You've done nothing wrong. Somehow, someway, our brain starts feeding false information to us that brings up our deepest fears of everything and with that, the seed as been planted. On this forum, you will find men and women of all ages who can relate to you because anxiety doesn't discriminate in who it attacks.

Ask any questions you want, there will always be someone who has an answer. Most of all we support each other and comfort each other during those hard times. You have come to the right place. My best, Agora

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Well, Agora did a fine job of starting you out here. Is there anything specific you would like to talk about?

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