On and off anxiety attack

On and off anxiety attack

I have been suffering from anxiety and depression since i was in college. At times i have a panic attack when riding a car or plane but i managed to overcome and just let it go free. But 2 years ago i had a major blow when i made a mistake and i felt very bad about it. I hate myself for causing a burden to my family. I was anxious and very depressed that i had a nervous breakdown. It was very horrible feeling. All of my anxiousness and sadness hightened up. Difficult to understand. I had mixed emotions that i cant control. Also, cant sleep for 5 days at that time. I sought help from God above, family and friends. I managed it again for 2 years and now another attack. Different emotional trigger. 2 weeks of anxiety and depression. Cant sleep at times, crying and thinking that something may happen. Very tiring loop of negative thoughts that i want to get rid of. Constant playing to mind.

Still i want to overcome this. I need help. Advices and Someone to talk.

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  • You have my advice on your other post. Do you want to talk about anything? I have experienced what you're describing. I call it h*ll. That's why I recommend a way to avoid it altogether.

  • Really thank you. I really appreciate it.

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